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Golf and Low Back Pain

Most golfers will experience some form of lower back pain over the course of time. The nature of the golf swing is inherently unhealthy for the human spine. Forward flexion (bending forward) combined with rotation (twisting) creates torsional stresses throughout the spine including the discs, the joints between each vertebra, the ligaments connecting the vertebra to each other and the surrounding musculature.
Physical Therapy at the Athletic Club of Bend - Golf Program - Bend, OR

Facing weakness: Exercise tests can help a golfer discover problem areas in their game

Somebody says the word “exercise,” and my first thought turns to a certain 1970s horror film and split pea soup. In other words, I've never really been a workout guy. So I felt like a “D” law school student heading to the bar exam last week when Chris Cooper, a Bend physical therapist and Titleist Performance Institute-certified golf fitness instructor, asked me to perform a TPI golf fitness test at the Athletic Club of Bend.

Time for golfers to move indoors: Working on swing and fitness important over the winter

To make the winter fruitful for your game next spring, I talked with a local fitness expert to get some advice on workouts that all of us can do to keep the strength and flexibility required for a strong swing. Chris Cooper works out of the Therapeutic Associates office at the Athletic Club of Bend, is a certified fitness and medical professional through the Titleist Performance Institute (T.P.I.), and hosts regular talks on fitness as it relates to the golf swing at the Tetherow Golf Academy in Bend.
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Golfers should stretch: To ease low back pain, build flexibility in mid back

Low-back pain in golfers is often related to a lack of flexibility in the hip sockets and thoracic (midback) spine, said Chris Cooper, a physical therapist at Therapeutic Associates at the Athletic Club of Bend and Titleist Performance Institute-certified golf fitness instructor. The lumbar spine (lower back) is not built for much rotation, Cooper said. Rather, it exists for stability.
Athletic Club of Bend - Broken Top Seminar - Golf Bend, OR

Exercise can lower golf scores

Until he began training specifically for golf in December for the first time, he never realized the benefits he could see in his golf game. With a handicap index hovering around 10, Boos embarked on a 12-week Titleist Performance Institute program, designed by Bend physical therapist Chris Cooper, focused on improving mobility and stability. The result, says Boos, has been hard to deny. After a few weeks he noticed he could swing with greater clubhead speed, his balance was better, and he was making more consistent contact with the ball.
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Getting in shape can help your game

Exercise and golf haven’t always gone together. But increasingly, golfers have turned to exercise to improve their games and help them avoid injury. The following is an exercise regimen specifically for golfers suggested by Chris Cooper, a physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist for Therapeutic Associates at the Athletic Club of Bend. He specializes in golf injury rehabilitation and runs a performance conditioning program.

No rest for the linksters: Offseason training could help golfers get an early jump on next year

Few things are more frustrating for a golfer than that first spring round after a winter-long hiatus. But with proper exercise, golfers can actually use the time off to improve their game, many times without ever hitting a golf ball. Throughout golf, from the PGA Tour down to the weekend novice, players are changing the image of the sport once thought of as a game for overweight men in bad pants.
Athletic Club of Bend - Broken Top Seminar - Golf Bend, OR

Warm up to golf: Proper form and fitness can reduce the risk of golf injuries

While golf may seem like a relatively low-risk sport, doctors say the combination of unnatural movements and constant repetition can result in a number of acute and chronic injuries. With many golfers hitting the links with little warm-up, it’s no wonder that more than 60 percent of golfers will endure a golfing-related injury at some point in their lives.

Winter Golf Conditioning

While most of you are starting to tune your skis and put your clubs away for the winter, you should be tuning your body for next year’s golf season. That’s right, the winter is a great time to prepare yourself for the upcoming year . . . to get into golf shape.

A Golfer's Perspective to Low Back Pain: Choose Your Path to Recovery

In January of 2016, Nick Watney, a professional golfer with over $25 million in career earnings on the PGA Tour, took the approach to rehabilitate his lower back with physical therapy. He was feeling lower back pain that radiated into his left hamstring area above his knee. An MRI confirmed a disc herniation. He had multiple surgical consults, however ultimately decided on physical rehabilitation.
Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy - Golf Performance Program

Take a Swing at Better Health

Compared to other golfers, I probably got a much later start than most. Throughout my adult life, I have enjoyed many sports, including flag football, softball, and running, but I never had much of an interest in golf until about seven years ago. When the golf bug bit, however, it bit hard. There’s no question…I’m hooked!

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