Healthcare is in need of transformation. Change is inevitable. The US Healthcare system is more costly and produces outcomes (when measured) that are ranked less than most other fully developed economies in the world. Part of the reason for this less-than-stellar performance is the high degree of fragmentation in the delivery systems within each community. With an estimated additional 32 million Americans gaining access to coverage in 2014, the demand for services continues to increase and burden the existing system. Yet we are “path dependent.” There are, and will remain to be, a multitude of different owned and operated provider elements. No consolidation through merger and acquisition activities can weld the disparate system parts together in a time frame that will produce a delivery system the market needs now – a truly Integrated Delivery System (IDS).

The Need for Alignments

Our complex and fragmented healthcare system has created a need for existing components to form alignments that can bring forth coordination of care that will reduce costs, improve outcomes, and enhance the patient experience – the triple aim. Only community-based systems can bring forth the medical home models of care and the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) structures that are being called for to transform healthcare. While these medical homes and ACOs will revolve around hospitals and physician groups, they will also need outreach into the communities that will allow existing independent providers to help shoulder the expected demand.

Rehabilitation Management Services (RMS)

Therapeutic Associates’ specialization in the discipline of physical medicine makes us uniquely qualified to integrate with physicians and hospitals to help create a delivery system of musculoskeletal care that can optimize the balance among quality of care, access to services, and cost containment systems – the traditional vertices of the managed care paradigm. We have the experienced and highly-credentialed providers, and the necessary training systems and tools to ensure documented, high quality of care. We have access points throughout the market to conveniently provide care in a timely manner. We also have the management expertise and administrative ability to participate in unique alternative payment programs, pay for performance models, and even risk-taking structures if necessary.

Our Clients Include:

  • St. Joseph’s Hospital – we contract to manage all inpatient, transitional care, SNF, and outpatient rehab services for this 672 bed acute care hospital system in Burbank, California.
  • Disney Family Cancer Center – we contract to deliver rehab services associated with oncology care in Burbank, California.
  • Premiere Medical Center – we contract to deliver and manage outpatient rehabilitation delivery in Burbank, California for a multiple physician group.
  • Oregon Medical Group – we contract to deliver and manage all outpatient rehab services in 4 locations in the Eugene/Springfield market for this multispecialty physicians’ practice.

The TAI RMS contract service model is a simple employee lease arrangement. Your hospital or physician clinic will retain all ownership of physical plant, equipment, supplies, front office, and back office functions of the relationship. The majority of all costs of clinical delivery are paid through a simple fee arrangement with TAI for the labor necessary to meet the demand for services. If necessary, cost containment can be further incentivized through risk sharing that features parameters that equitably parse operational experience from actuarial experience.

RMS Contracted Relationship Features:

  • TAI absorbs the costs of fluctuating demand for services through flexible staffing of the department at appropriate labor levels based on volume needs.
  • TAI assumes the costs of all staffing (labor expense). This includes wages, salary, and benefits (health plan, life insurance etc.) associated with all our employees leased (contracted) into the department.
  • TAI assumes all costs of payroll taxes, payroll administrative expense, and human resources administration.
  • TAI assumes all costs for the time and efforts associated with development of market-sensitive clinical programming.
  • TAI assumes responsibility for all day-to-day management of clinical staff productivity, work flow, and clinical documentation entry into the medical record system.

Contact Us

To learn more about TAI’s RMS capabilities and explore a contracted relationship for your rehab department needs, please contact our executive team:

Scott Wick | [email protected] | 800-249-9020 ext. 2214
Rich Katz | [email protected] | 800-219-8835 ext. 1101

We look forward to exploring a better community delivery system while providing a competitive advantage for both parties.