Molly Cameron

Coach/Trainer* Portland Bicycle Studio

Molly Cameron founded Portland Bicycle Studio in 2001 and has been fundamental in the growth of the passionate and diverse culture of bicycling in Portland, Oregon. She manages professional athletes and developmental cycling programs; creating jobs and opportunities for women within endurance sports. With high standards and a commitment to giving back to the community, she believes in doing everything to support grassroots, fun efforts while nurturing athletes who are pursuing an elite career.

A career that spans European World Cups and Classic Cyclocross races, the very first UCI races in Japan and China, multiple professional and single speed championship titles and a world of racing experience across the globe. As one of the most influential cyclocross riders of the era, Molly has been influential in developing and refining standards and technology from braking and shifting systems, tread patterns and tire materials, bicycle geometry, clothing design and material.

With extremely high standards and attention to detail, Molly offers this experience and expertise to her clients and athletes to help them achieve excellence.

* Molly is an Independent Service Partner.