James B. McKillip Scholarship

Madison Park Team-2021

Physical Therapy Scholarship Program

The James B. McKillip scholarship was established to support individuals pursuing a career in physical therapy and continue the growth of the profession. This scholarship seeks to honor Jim McKillip’s legacy and entrepreneurial heart by helping those looking to make a difference in the profession.

Jim McKillip was passionate about the profession of physical therapy. He was also passionate about helping other physical therapists achieve personal and professional growth. The McKillip family wishes to continue his legacy through the Jim McKillip scholarship. This scholarship seeks to support students who aspire to dedicate their careers to helping others as a physical therapy professional.

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Scholarship Award Details

Scholarship Criteria

Application Requirements

Applicants will be asked to write a 400-600 word essay explaining why physical therapy is important to you and how you hope to contribute to the profession through your career.

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About Jim McKillip PT

Jim was the co-founder of Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy and served as its first CEO from 1952 to 1991. Much of Therapeutic Associates’ success is rooted in his leadership and foresight. His relationships with other therapists, including TAI’s other co-founder, Robert (Bob) Dicus, led to the opening of TAI’s first private practice clinic in Van Nuys, California. His relationships with the Sisters of St. Vincent Hospital in Portland led to the company’s first hospital contract.

Shortly after the company started, Jim and Bob hired the first wave of young, eager employees. It was during this time that Jim and Bob created a shared ownership model that would allow new PT’s the opportunity to become owners of the company – a model that continues to this day.

Jim is revered by his colleagues for his mentorship and character. Jim cared for the personal and professional success of his colleagues. Jim’s involvement and reputation at the national level with the APTA has left a lasting legacy for propelling private practice physical therapy to where it is today.

Jim’s legacy extends well beyond Therapeutic Associates. He was one of the early leaders of what is now the Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association, a past Treasurer of the APTA, and instrumental in the growth of the Foundation for Physical Therapy, serving as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees (1990).

Jim made a big impact on the lives of so many Therapeutic Associates’ employees and patients, and his vision created the pathway that has led Therapeutic Associates and the profession to where it is today.

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