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Physical Therapy to Alleviate Pain

Physical therapists are wellness experts who design movement-based treatment plans that have been shown to help decrease pain. As musculoskeletal specialists, PTs are committed to working with their patients to increase their understanding of their body, as well as their thoughts and beliefs about their injury or symptoms. Traditionally, physical therapists treat pain with patient education, manual therapy, exercise, and modalities. This approach is important for promoting tissue health, improving segmental mobility, increasing functional movement and conditioning the tissues during different stages following injury. 

What about persistent or “chronic” pain? Pain is not always solely the result of tissue damage or injury. Many people experience some form of chronic pain, which is defined as pain that continues after tissues have healed. Physical therapists are experts at performing skilled examinations to determine the presence and extent of tissue injury. When the tissues are found to be healthy and not at high risk of re-injury, but significant pain persists, physical therapists can shift treatment and direct it at the pain system itself. Research shows the importance of understanding pain from a neuroscience perspective and how it relates to the entire person.

Solutions for Chronic Pain

Origins of persistent or chronic pain are diverse and can include muscle, joint, and/or nerve dysfunction and emotional attachment. In patients with persistent pain, growing evidence supports the importance of central sensitization (increased sensitivity of the central nervous system). In such cases, traditional approaches with physical therapy will not be successful, and in some instances can worsen the condition. If you have pain that limits your movement or keeps you from taking part in work, daily living, and other activities, a physical therapist can help.

Did You Know?

Research has shown that pain is output from the brain and does not originate within the tissues of our body. Understanding pain through education may reduce your need for care.

Physical therapist, Brian Weiderman PT, DPT, discusses this in more detail. Watch his video.

How We Help

Physical therapy is a safe treatment for people with acute or chronic pain. Physical therapists treat pain through movement, hands-on care, and patient education. Our chronic pain treatment can help with a range of conditions.

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