Running Assessments

How To Schedule

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Our Motion Lab is equipped with industry leading technology and measurement equipment to assess your gait with the purpose of preventing injury and improving overall posture and function. These services are available to everyone, from the recreational runner to top athlete.

Medical (3 visits minimum) may be covered by medical insurance

If you are a runner and are dealing with an injury, or pain provoking issue while running, your insurance might cover a biomechanical running assessment and intervention program. This would start with a 1 hour evaluation from one of our running specialists.  If medical necessity is determined then your next visit will be in the lab getting the full biomechanical running assessment.  Following that would be 1 or more sessions with one of our running specialists to address biomechanical contributions to your injury as well as manual therapy and exercise based interventions.

Data Package (1 hour) $225

Just the facts! Get a comprehensive biomechanical running assessment and walk away with all the data;

  • 3D motion analysis with angular measurements throughout the entire stride
  • Foot Pressure mapping throughout the entire stride
  • Kinematic Data (contact time, flight time, stride length, cadence, step angle, foot strike characteristics)
  • 3D dynamic spinal modeling throughout the running stride
  • (EMG analysis of muscle sequencing and contraction characteristics. To be added once we have the emg sensors)


Performance Package (2.5 hours) $550

Take your training to the next level! This package includes an hour with one of our running specialists for a full clinical evaluation of strength, flexibility, joint function, movement mechanics and tissue vulnerability followed by a comprehensive biomechanical running assessment in the Motion Lab and then another 45 minutes of exercises, strength and conditioning prescription to address your particular weaknesses, inflexibilities, tissue vulnerabilities and biomechanical inefficiencies.

  • Follow up sessions with one of our running specialists (40 min) $150


Elite Package

For either the local runner or an out-of-town runner having particular needs, contact us at [email protected] to build a customized package.