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Personalized Sports-Specific Care

Whether you are an elite athlete, youth athlete or weekend warrior, physical therapy can help you avoid injury, optimize your performance and recover from injury quickly and safely. Optimal athletic performance requires strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, agility, and coordination. The key to reaching maximum potential and avoiding injury is to identify and correct deficits in any of these areas. 

Our team of experts has advanced training in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, rehabilitation, and movement patterns in the human body. Our screens and evaluations help to identify any mobility and muscular deficits that may be contributing to increases in pain and decreases in performance and could lead to injury.

Through the use of functional movement analysis, manual therapeutic techniques, and an individualized therapeutic exercise program, athletes can see significant decreases in pain and soft tissue restrictions while improving sports performance. We believe in empowering our patients to become strong, fast, durable, neurologically efficient, and educated athletes. We are passionate about helping people of all ages and abilities achieve their sports performance goals.

Every patient is different. We are committed to focusing on the unique needs and goals of the individual and create customized care plans designed to keep you active and engaged in the sports you love. We take a proactive approach to injury prevention, but injuries do happen. When they do, our therapists are here for you.

How We Help

We are dedicated to ensuring you receive the best possible care and are able to excel at the sports and adventures that you love. Throughout your plan of care, we will work to equip you with valuable knowledge and the tools you need to prevent injury, stay active and maintain wellness. We’re dedicated to your goals and can optimize your sport performance by focusing on:


Did You Know?

Physical therapists are highly skilled at assessing impairments in athletes, ranging from weakness to stiffness and poor mechanics that impact return to sport. Your PT can also determine if an injury requires the attention of a physician and will direct you accordingly.

physical therapist works with patient on therapeutic exercise doing leg lift during bridge

After an Injury

It’s important that you act quickly after an injury to ensure a full and timely recovery. Physical therapists are trained to evaluate and diagnose injury, and to determine and apply appropriate treatment. Some of the conditions we treat include:

Treatment may include manual therapy, ASTYM, cupping, and specific exercises to improve strength, range of motion, motor-pattern-sequencing, inflammation, and loading tolerance. We perform regular re-testing of the injured body part and progression of sport-specific exercise to determine how your body is improving. 

It can be challenging to determine the difference between an injury that will heal on its own, or one that needs medical care. Our physical therapists are here for you and serve as front-line medical providers for your musculoskeletal health and for sports-related injuries.

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