Cecilia Dalzell


Physical Therapist


Cecilia has been a physical therapist is the Spokane community since 1992. She received her degree in physical therapy and health sciences from Eastern Washington University, where she participated in collegiate track and field.
She has been a certified manual therapist since 2008 and holds her certification through North American Institute of Manual Therapy. She is also getting certified in Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) and has completed Module 1 and 2.

Cecilia’s practice module incorporates both manual therapy and corrective exercise philosophy. She is certified in Applied Functional Science by the prestigious Gray Institute of Functional Transformation as well as by North American SportsMedicine Institute. These techniques are appropriate for use with patients of all types and for all purposes including prevention, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement.

Cecilia is an avid sports fan and follows most sports closely. She loves to golf, hike, bicycle, and stay moving. She believes in an active lifestyle and tries to practice what she preaches.

“I first met Cecilia in July 2013 and I had constant back pain that severely affected my golf and lifestyle. Being a golf professional, I needed a program that healed my body and helped me stay pain free so that I can play consistently and at a high level. Cecilia and NG 360 have provided that program. She has helped me heal, I am currently pain free and I recommend her to anyone who wants to improve golf performance or play without pain. I believe that her product provides the necessary balance of stretching and core strengthening that would provide a platform to help anyone achieve their golf goals.”

Additional Certifications

Certified Manual Physical Therapist

Certified Nike Golf NG360 Performance Specialist

Fellow of Applied Functional Science


Eastern Washington University

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