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Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy has been a part of the Salem-Keizer community since 1983. Our clinics are locally owned and operated by the physical therapists that provide your care. Our dedication to continuing education means that our therapists hold certifications that demonstrate mastery in orthopedics, manual therapy, and sports medicine. Several of our therapists are currently enrolled in one of the nation’s top orthopedic residency programs. We believe learning should continue for a lifetime and strive to stay on the leading edge of treatment methods.

We work with you and listen to your needs to assure that your plan of care meets your goals in all aspects – physically, emotionally, and financially. Our treatment approach encompasses advanced manual therapy techniques, physical training and conditioning, and various pain relieving techniques, all of which are evidence-based methods that are scientifically researched and proven to provide results.

It is a privilege to serve our community and to provide you with the physical therapy care you need to get your life back on track. Please visit our individual clinic links to learn more about us.

Voted Best Physical Therapist of the Mid-Valley - 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

↓ What can a Physical Therapist treat?
↓ Can I seek physical therapy without having to see my doctor first?
↓ Will my insurance cover physical therapy? What if I don’t have insurance?
↓ Do I need an x-ray or MRI before seeking physical therapy?
↓ What methods will a physical therapist use to help me improve?
↓ What makes Therapeutic Associates the best selection for me?
↓ Why not wait to see if I just get better on my own?
↓ How can I make an appointment?
↓ I’m not sure if physical therapy will help me. What is a free injury screen?


What can a Physical Therapist Treat?

To sum it up in one word, our physical therapists specialize in treating PAIN. Or in other words, we can help you determine the following:

  1. What is your diagnosis?
  2. How did you become painful?
  3. How can you “fix” the problem and actually become more pain free?
  4. How can you prevent future injury?

    Click to find your condition

    Click to find your condition

We at Therapeutic Associates specialize in treating “musculoskeletal pain”. This means that we know how to treat pain that comes from muscles, joints, nerves, and soft tissue. We specialize in treating symptoms in the following regions:

  1. Neck
  2. Jaw
  3. Head ache
  4. Shoulder
  5. Elbow
  6. Wrist/hand
  7. Back
  8. Hip
  9. Knee
  10. Foot/ankle

We specialize in treating injuries and pain which occur in the following ways:

  1. Overuse syndromes
  2. Workplace injuries
  3. Pain for unknown reasons
  4. Whiplash from car accidents
  5. Sports or exercise injuries/prevention
  6. Degenerative conditions related to arthritis
  7. Post-operative rehabilitation
  8. Balance and fall prevention

Even if you are pain free, there are muscle imbalances and abnormal movement patterns that can eventually lead to painful conditions. During our initial evaluation, we will identify these imbalances and make sure they are addressed.

Whatever the injury, you will find that the best place to start your CONSERVATIVE care is with one of our physical therapists.


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Can I seek physical therapy without having a to see my doctor first?

Yes you can!

Please consider the following:

Oregon law states that a patient may see a physical therapist for 60 days without a doctor’s prescription. However, some insurance plans mandate a prescription from the physician if they are to pay for the physical therapy services. Some plans do not require a prescription for physical therapy to be covered. The best way to find out is to give us a call. We would be happy to check your benefits for you.


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Will my insurance cover physical therapy? What if I don’t have insurance?

Yes, most insurance plans offer Physical Therapy coverage. Some plans cover physical therapy without a prescription and some plans require a prescription from the physician. If you aren’t sure or are having trouble understanding your coverage, please call one of our clinics and we will be happy to check your insurance coverage for you. If you do not currently have insurance coverage we are still happy to see you and even offer a discount if paid at time of service!


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Do I need an x-ray or MRI before seeking physical therapy?

In most cases you do NOT need an x-ray or MRI before seeking physical therapy. We have been trained in advanced evaluation skills which will help determine if imaging is necessary for diagnosis and treatment. MRI is the gateway to surgery and physical therapy is the best way to approach healing from a conservative approach. If we find during our evaluation that your injury warrants imaging, we will contact your doctor in order to facilitate that process.


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What methods will a physical therapist use to help me improve?

Our treatment approach is individualized for each patient. During your initial evaluation (1st visit), your physical therapist will develop a plan of care based on the findings from their exam. Your program may include the following:

  1. “Hands on” techniques (massage, joint mobilization/manipulation, myofascial release)
  2. Specific exercises specially designed to fit your needs (strength, stretching, balance)
  3. Education (how to start the healing quickly and keep from getting hurt again)
  4. Modalities (ultrasound, electrical stimulation/TENS to speed healing and drop pain)

Most often your treatment will include a combination of methods to help restore your quality of life. If you have specific questions that you would like to ask prior to making an appointment, any of our therapists would be happy to speak with you by phone. Give us a call!


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What makes Therapeutic Associates the best selection for me?

Therapeutic Associates offers many things that set us apart as Salem’s premier provider of physical therapy.

  1. We have clinics in all four corners of town, making Therapeutic Associates a convenient option for almost any location in Salem.
  2. We employ compassionate physical therapists who know how to listen and make your recovery their number one priority. Our highly trained staff spends a full 40 minutes with each patient on each visit.
  3. Specialists – We have several therapists who are:
    1. Board certified specialists in orthopedics
    2. Specialized in women’s health
    3. Bilingual in Spanish
    4. Provide custom made orthotics for foot/knee conditions
    5. Specialized in spinal manipulation
  4. We are the only local physical therapy provider who offers an American Physical Therapy Credentialed Residency program in advanced clinical treatment in orthopedics, and we currently employ both graduates of this program and current residents.
  5. We also provide on-site ergonomic evaluations and interventions.

We treat all shapes and sizes, from pre-elementary to long past retirement; we treat athletes of all ages, injured workers, those injured in motor vehicle accidents, and those recovering from surgery or trying to prevent it. Whatever your need, we have a therapist with the skills to get you back on your feet again.


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Why not wait to see if I just get better on my own?

Current research suggests that the earlier an individual begins physical therapy the better their outcomes are. Physical therapy is a cost effective way to maintain your quality of life with instruction and guidance from a highly trained healthcare professional. At Therapeutic Associates we are able to focus our treatment interventions to your individual needs in order to provide you the best possible outcomes in your recovery. Many problems have a postural or mechanical component which will not improve unless specifically corrected through a combination of targeted interventions by a physical therapist. Do not wait to have pain limit your possibilities. See a physical therapist and get back to your life as quickly as possible.


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How can I make an appointment?

Appointments can be scheduled by simply calling the number provided for each location.

North Salem – (503) 378-7434
South Salem – (503) 585-4824
West Salem – (503) 363-6770
Keizer – (503) 463-4221


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I’m not sure if physical therapy will help me. What is a free injury screen?

At Therapeutic Associates we provide free injury screens to help you decide if physical therapy is the right choice. During this screen you will meet with a licensed physical therapist for 15 minutes where they will assess your condition. They will then make a recommendation about what to do; whether to see a doctor, start physical therapy, or take another course of action. If you are interested in a free injury screen with one of our physical therapists, please call the office of your choice.

Our therapists are also always happy to discuss possible treatment options over the phone with you to help you decide if physical therapy may be right for you.


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Physical Therapist Professional Achievements in Oregon


Portland, Ore., August 20, 2012 —Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy is proud to announce the recent notable accomplishments in the state of Oregon: Karen Walz, PT, MA, OCS, FAAOMPT, Clinic Director of Therapeutic Associates Redmond Physical Therapy has recently been recertified as an Orthopedic Clinic Specialist (OCS).  This recertification is granted solely upon successful completion of the re-certification examination process administered by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS). Timothy Brinker, PT, DPT, Clinic Director of Therapeutic Associates Hillsboro Physical Therapy graduated from Regis University, Rueckert-Hartman College of Health Professionals in May 2012 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree with Honors. ... read more »

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Truth in Advertising?

Health care services can be mislabeled too.

Advertising apples as oranges? Such type of misleading advertising occurs with health care services, too. In some states the term “physical therapy” is misrepresented or inappropriately advertised to the public by individuals who are not licensed as physical therapists. This characterization is misleading to the public, illegal in some states, and an issue of public protection for patients who think they are under the care of a licensed physical therapist, but in reality are not. “Physical therapy” is not a generic term—it describes the care provided by or under the direction of licensed physical therapists. ... read more »