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With a presence in the Tri-Cities since 1992, Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy continues to meet the needs of our community with three clinics – Richland Physical Therapy, Southridge Physical Therapy, and West Kennewick Physical Therapy. As our community continues to grow, we are proud to stay connected by providing you with community education and by sponsoring various youth athletic programs, such as Kennewick American Youth Baseball and Legion Baseball.



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What’s next in health care? Implementation of law goes ahead

From the USA Today - June 28, 2012 WASHINGTON – The waiting game is over for consumers, employers, health care providers and insurers. Thursday's Supreme Court ruling that upheld the 2010 health care law means ongoing trends will continue, and those who waited on the sidelines for the court will now have to implement their parts of the law. For consumers, that means that those intimidated by what opponents called the overly complex part of the law will have to learn what will affect them, particularly if they have to buy their own insurance or pay a penalty for skipping it. Employers who ... read more »

Truth in Advertising?

Health care services can be mislabeled too.

Advertising apples as oranges? Such type of misleading advertising occurs with health care services, too. In some states the term “physical therapy” is misrepresented or inappropriately advertised to the public by individuals who are not licensed as physical therapists. This characterization is misleading to the public, illegal in some states, and an issue of public protection for patients who think they are under the care of a licensed physical therapist, but in reality are not. “Physical therapy” is not a generic term—it describes the care provided by or under the direction of licensed physical therapists. ... read more »

Dynamic Warm-Up


A proper warm-up routine is a vital component of any athletic participation. Competitive or recreational, the health and performance of participants is improved with an appropriate warm-up. The intent of this activity is two-fold: 1) warm the body’s muscles and soft tissues for optimum performance and 2) reduce the risk of injury from overloading inadequately prepared muscles. Traditional warm-up routines have incorporated primarily static stretches. These prolonged holds are designed to increase the length and flexibility of specific muscles or muscle groups. However, recent evidence suggests that static stretching prior to activity actually inhibits performance. Static stretches are still useful as ... read more »

Join Us For Our Open House

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Open House Celebration

You are invited to an evening of good company, light appetizers, and music to celebrate the opening of Therapeutic Associates Southridge Physical Therapy. Date: Thursday, March 1st, 2012 Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm Location: Southridge Physical Therapy                4303 W. 27th Ave, Ste C                Kennewick, WA 99338                509-783-5644 Enjoy Refreshments, Music, and Good Company! Don’t miss this great opportunity to visit our state-of-the-art clinic and learn about techniques unique to our clinic: Injury Prevention Manual Therapy Sports Rehabilitation Biomechanical Analysis The ASTYMTM System Posture and Healthy Spine Sport-Specific Injury Prevention Programs TMJ and Headache Treatment Vestibular/Balance Rehab Work KineticsTM Running/Walking Clinics Please join us for our ribbon cutting ceremony with the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce at 4:30pm!

Complimentary Injury Screens & Post-Tri Tips


We are please to offer complimentary injury screens for all 2011 Titanium Man Olympic Triathalon participants!

If you experience an injury before, during, or after Titanium Man, please visit us between September 6-9, 2011 for a complimentary injury screen*. Screenings include: 15 Minute Free Individual Consultation with Licensed Physical Therapist. Recommendation of appropriate medical follow-up Please CALL us to set up your appointment time!

Immediate Post-Race Recovery Instructions:

Keep moving - Walk for approximately 10 minutes post race Replenish fluid loss - Drink to satisfy thirst, sip fluids throughout the day Refuel depleted muscles - Food including carbohydrates, protein and sodium first 30-60 minutes post-race Stretch/Massage - Perform LIGHT stretching and/or ... read more »