5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Physical Therapy

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The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to help you move better — more efficiently and without pain or dysfunction — so that you can live your daily life to its fullest and pursue all the passions that bring you joy. Whether you’ve undergone surgery, are recovering from a car accident, are rehabilitating from an injury or are striving to improve your balance, sports performance or overall fitness, physical therapy is likely the solution you need. In fact, PT is about so much more than helping people overcome major challenges! Check out our services page to learn about the many ways our experts can play a positive role in your health and wellness journey.

Whatever it is that leads you to physical therapy, if you’re like most people, you start by searching “physical therapy offices near me” and researching what to expect at your first appointment and throughout your course of care. But what many people don’t think about before starting PT, or even during their journey, is what they can do to ensure they are getting the absolute best outcome possible.

One you’ve made the commitment to lean on an expert, it’s just as important to commit to the process. How? By following these simple tips from some of our experts.

Zach Klemmer

Zach Klemmer

“My top tip is to come to physical therapy prepared to actively participate in your care. This includes participation in creating your goals. Let your therapist know what you hope to accomplish during your physical therapy journey so that we can individualize your treatment plan to achieve your functional goals.

It also includes active participation via exercise each session, and compliance with your home exercise program that will be developed for you. 99.9% of the time, there is no magic pill to resolve your symptoms, and so you will get the most out of your physical therapy experience, the more engaged you are.”

Katrina Tooman

Katrina Tooman

“My top tip is to come to your physical therapy appointment with an open mind and willingness to try new things. 

Often times, it is easy to start a plan of care with misconstrued thoughts and beliefs around movement and treatment modalities. These beliefs might be due to difficult past experiences, fear, or skepticism. 

Although these reasons are all valid, they may lead to a rigid belief system which will hinder receptiveness toward innovative treatment and therefore limit full recovery and return to function.”

Jake Gelrod

Jake Gelrod

“My top simple tip for getting the most out of your PT – Aim for progress and know how to measure it. While most patients come to PT because they’re having pain or difficulty with various physical demands, evaluating progress solely based on whether pain is present or not can be misleading. If the end goal is to move a certain way or participate in a certain activity pain free, how do we know if we’re making progress along the way? Most often, the vehicle for progress in physical therapy is the exercises we prescribe. So rather than focusing on ‘Can I do ___ without pain,’ try to identify progress within the prescribed exercises. For example, ask:

‘Can I do more repetitions without pain than I used to be able to?’

‘I still have pain, but do I have greater range of motion than previously?’

‘Am I lifting more weight this week than I could last week?’

The mini milestones within our home exercise programs (HEPs) can serve as the gauge of progress on the path toward reduced pain with improved performance.”

Maddie Williams - Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy at OMG Country Club Road

Maddie Williams

“My top tip for patients is to communicate with your PT. I know this can seem really simple, but it is so important for patients to communicate their goals and be able to collaborate with their physical therapist on their care. 

We want to make sure that your goals are the focus and that we work with you to accomplish them. We also want to know how we can help things go smoother or when there are concerns with care.”


Collin Reid

“My top tip is to remember that physical therapy is a process. This is one of the major reasons that physical therapy differs from other avenues in the health field. We want all patients to know that we work tirelessly to provide the best outcomes at the fastest rate possible, but it always comes back to the process. Through the process of learning each patient’s goals, developing a custom plan for their lifestyle, and constantly reassessing their progress, we provide the greatest opportunity for success in each case. 

Although human nature is to desire a quick fix, both my clinical experience and current research evidence have proven that a consistent and rationale approach will provide the best outcomes whether it be reducing pain, returning to work, or getting back out on the field.”

Whether you are already navigating a physical therapy journey or you’re about to begin, the experts at Therapeutic Associates are dedicated to ensuring you have a positive, successful experience and reach your functional goals as quickly and safely as possible. While our staff has the education, expertise and experience to provide a custom treatment plan and to lead you through everything you need to know, as the patient, you have the power to do what it takes to get the most out of physical therapy.

Exploring Physical Therapy

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When patients share their interests and hobbies with their physical therapist, exercises can be designed to be fun and get them back to their passions

Start your PT journey today.

Get care that’s specific to your goals, your body, and your lifestyle.

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