Question: Do you have a treatment for arthritis of the foot for a runner?


Without examining your foot in person it will be difficult to make specific comments.  In general, arthritis is caused by a combination of stiffness and weakness, which can lead to changes in the joint surfaces.  These changes are not necessarily permanent, and even if they are permanent, a program of strengthening and flexibility to help support the joint is typically successful in decreasing pain and improving tolerance to activity. In most running related injuries, regular calf and hamstring stretching help offload the foot.  Holding these stretches for at least 30 seconds, at least 2-3 times per day, and before and after running can be helpful in offloading the foot. Seeking and evaluation by a physical therapist would likely be in your best interest, in order to have plan specifically formulated for you to address your specific complaints, given the complex nature of the foot joints and it’s interaction with the hip, knee and low back.

Kevin Hanson PT, DPT