Physical therapy clinic helps patients get moving after injury or surgery

Story by Scott Keith – East County Leader

Perhaps you are recovering from surgery and you need to start functioning on all cylinders. Or you may be experiencing the aches and pains of getting older. Whether you’re experiencing back, hip, knee, foot, ankle, neck, shoulder, elbow or hand/wrist conditions, Therapeutic Associates Gresham Physical Therapy is ready to help.

John Parr, clinic director and certified manual physical therapist, said, “We’re here to help people reach their goals. Lots of people have physical ailments that are preventing them from living their life to their fullest. That could include somebody who has had shoulder surgery.”

Therapeutic Associates Gresham Physical Therapy specializes in orthopedic manual therapy and helps clients live a fuller life. The clinic recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

The Gresham Station clinic treats many conditions, including plantar fasciitis, a painful foot disorder that’s common in the 40 and older age group.

“We do a specific type of treatment-called ASTYM,” Parr said, noting that this treatment is effective with cases of plantar fasciitis and tendinitis.

“In our younger athletes, we’re seeing a lot of knee issues,” Parr said.

Therapeutic Associates Gresham Physical Therapy is known for one-on-one care. “We’re going to sit down and talk with them a while,” he said. “We have highly trained manual therapists here who are good at not just treating the symptoms, but diagnosing the problem. That’s really where it all starts.”

Visiting Therapeutic Associates Gresham Physical Therapy for the first time, you’ll see an array of fancy, yet basic equipment designed to help patients along the road to rehabilitation and a better lifestyle.

There’s a pilates machine designed for arm and leg exercises. Another piece of equipment allows you to throw a ball at a target, while standing on a balance disk. Then there’s a strange looking swerving object (in the shape of a flying saucer) you stand on to help your balance. “We have all kinds of things to challenge people’s balance,” Parr pointed out.

The clinic gets referrals from primary care doctors and surgeons. “But people can come directly to us,” Parr said. “They don’t need to have a referral to come to physical therapy.”

In discussing his clinic, Parr reflected on a time when he could have chosen another profession. After majoring in economics and business in college, Parr entered the working world and discovered he would rather work with people than work with computers.

“I did a little bit of soul searching,” Parr admitted. “The one person I knew who really loved his job was a physical therapist, so I asked if I could job shadow for a couple of days. Then I was hooked.”

Fast forward to today and Parr loves his job.

“I get the chance to help people recover from injury and get back to their lives. That gives me a huge sense of satisfaction,” Parr said, noting that he enjoys keeping in touch with patients through social media and email.

He said, “I love keeping that connection with people.”