E: Pete, thanks for taking the time to talk with me today about our clinic move. Anyone who looks up our location may notice that our new address is a part of the Montavilla neighborhood. What about the Montavilla neighborhood appealed to you for our clinic?
P: I have always wanted Therapeutic Associates East Portland Physical Therapy to be a resource for a community where people both live and work. After becoming familiar with Montavilla, I found local businesses that I loved as well as an engaged and active community. My vision for this clinic and Montavilla East Tabor Business Association’s (METBA) vision for this neighborhood just fit together so well, I wanted my clinic to be a part of Montavilla. I also liked how the neighborhood has easy access to Mount Tabor Park, which is one of the great parks of Portland.

E: Montavilla is such a lively neighborhood with events happening often, are there any upcoming neighborhood events that you are particularly excited about?
P: I’m glad you asked because I was recently elected to the METBA board and will be actively involved in neighborhood event planning. This Halloween, along with other businesses along Glisan Street, our clinic will be opening its doors for ‘Trick or Treat on Glisan Street.’ Our clinic will be handing out candy to trick or treaters and will have games for the whole family. The fun starts at 3:00 PM and lasts until 6:00 PM.

E: Patients may or may not know that you helped with the actual work it took to build out this space. What is your favorite memory from the past few months?
P: I would have to say spending weekends at the clinic with you guys and my family. There is no distinct moment that stands out as my favorite, I just enjoyed putting in the work to make this place really special.

E: Now, those who follow us on Facebook or Instagram may have noticed the “teaser” posts we have been putting out each week, highlighting different features of the clinic. Do you have a favorite feature or space?
P: It would be a toss-up between the reclaimed wood walls and the windows. These two features feel unique to our clinic and not something you see that often. Although, I love the lights too, and the garage door, and our reclaimed barn roof ceiling. I don’t think I can choose, I love it all!

E: We have our Friends and Family Open House coming up on Friday, November 3rd to celebrate the completion of our move with everyone who has been a part of this journey in one way or another. Why should someone reading this Q&A session join us?
P: Definitely for anyone who hasn’t been to the space yet, you gotta come check it out. And especially to our patients who have been following along with this process, I hope you come and celebrate the completion of this move with us. This open house is really a way for us to thank everyone who has been a part of this process and celebrate it with them, from our patients, to our TAI family, to our personal families and friends.

E: Thanks for talking with me, Pete. To everyone reading this, you will have the opportunity to chat more with us about our new clinic on Friday, November 3rd at our Friends and Family Open House!