We are your healthcare partner. Therapeutic Associates is a locally owned healthcare provider and part of your patients’ healthcare solution. Healing, individualized expert service, and a tradition of caring are our commitments to you and our shared patient population. We ask you to seek our solution for your physical therapy needs so your patients can experience the best physical health life can offer.

We understand that you have a choice where you refer your patient for physical therapy. We incorporate evidence-based treatment protocols measuring utilization, patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction. The value we are able to provide your patients is second to none, and through our patient satisfaction program, you can expect a professional, friendly experience.

We value our referral relationship and are committed to getting our shared patients back to physical health as quickly and effectively as possible.


Our Services

At Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy, we help patients heal. Our physical and occupational therapists are professionals dedicated to educating, training, and applying principles of tested medicine and knowledge of the healing process to serve each patient’s unique condition and goals for recovery. From diagnosis to discharge, and with each modality, procedure, treatment technique, and word of encouragement in between, we strive to bring patients back to their best.

Provider Partnership for Patients

Physical Therapists in general care and work diligently as healthcare providers. Our company and clinical philosophy builds on this foundation by focusing our care and diligence clearly on each patient’s unique needs. We then apply elements of both experience and contemporary science to be your first choice of therapy providers. Being a part of someone’s recovery through rehabilitation is not just a healthcare philosophy, it is a company mission.

Care Setting

Our care settings vary, but our commitment is standard. We serve our communities and customers in outpatient, inpatient, home, and employment settings. In every instance we perform a mix of therapy and business services that involve meeting the patient’s needs in combination with their other healthcare team members and their health plans. Our business capabilities are eclectic; spanning physical therapy, occupational therapy programs, products, quality and utilization management services, and truly inventive partnering and contracting arrangements. But each mechanism of delivery, regardless of individual characteristics, revolves solely around our core competence of rehabilitation and patient trust.

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