Patient Stories

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  1. I fell off a curb while working in June 2019. I found out later I had torn my peroneous longus tendon in my right ankle and would need surgery. I had surgery in September and had a long recovery period. I was referred to Physical Therapy in November. I worked with Jennifer during my time with Therapeutic Associates. I was amazed how the exercises helped with my range of motion. She did massage therapy on my ankle and foot as well which helped with the nerve pain associated with the surgical site. The physical therapy made a huge difference and I feel like my ankle is stronger than ever. I like that I have the opportunity to keep going and working on strength on my own through their health club. I highly recommend the office in St. Helens. The whole team is friendly, welcoming and made me feel comfortable.

  2. I am a 71 year old woman. In March my left knee started hurting, I didn’t go to the Dr. like I should have. As time went on it got worse, I could hardly walk. Finally I went to My Dr. He sent me to Therapeutic Associates in St. Helens, where my Physical Therapist was Vincent Capellino. He was great. After a few sessions and doing my exercises at home, my leg ( knee ) is much better and I am walking normal again. I would recommend Therapeutic Associates and Vincent Capellino to all of my friends and family.

  3. On February 23rd I visited the Legacy Emergency. There I had an MRI with the results
    indicating a herniated disk. On March 6th I received an injection at the Vancouver
    Rebound Division, and again 2 injections on March 28th. Needless to say, I still
    experienced severe pain in my left leg. It was on April 9th I began physical therapy with Calli Jackson. I had 2 sessions per week until May 3rd. Finally, with her instructions, I was pain free! Calli explained that the Piriformis muscle was causing much of my pain and the stretching exercises that she instructed has certainly been very beneficial for my recovery. I can’t thank her enough~!

  4. At the age of 70, after many trips trekking to various base camps and working in a remote village school in the Kumbu region of the Himalaya, I returned to Lukla, home of the world’s most dangerous runway, but this time, danger didn’t spring from a plane crash…it came from a bucket shower and a clean sock on a slippery floor…resulting in a torn rotator, and a flight home to Oregon with my arm in a sling. At first, I lived on ice, heat, and slogans: If you throw enough darts you’ll hit a balloon. If at first you don’t succeed try try again. Go with what you know. Two months later, reality tossed me into surgery with a startling realization: try try again added a frozen shoulder, throwing darts doubled the pain and going with what I know tripled recovery time. Days after surgery, I woke up in the parking lot of Therapeutic Associates. Scared, confused, baffled…I crawled through the door, threw my shoulder on the counter, and rolled my eyes at the cheerful women who asked questions beyond my pay grade.

    “Sign in?” You’ve got to be kidding – I can’t pick up a pencil.
    “What’s your pain level?” How would I know? My shoulder’s in a Vice-Grip.
    “Meet Pat, our director..” Who is this young guy? I’m a teacher, I’ll grade his paper.
    “He’s your physical therapist.” Yikes! Range of what? Passive how? Adhesive who?

    Turned out, Pat really was the director, and as my physical therapist he had his work cut out for him. To my surprise, four months into treatment, a euphoric–yet excruciating–experience occurred: he hoisted my hand above my head using my arm as a flag pole.

    Suddenly, the lights came on, the pain stepped back, the answers flipped forward; this humorous–unassuming professional–mulled over my questions and responded with clarity. I’m a ridiculously slow, kinesthetic learner, but I recognized Pat’s innate ability to think, assess, and evaluate. This changed my stymied approach to recovery and helped me regain the mobility and confidence needed to return to the Himalayas.

    Once released from the torture sessions, the race was on. I was thrown in with past friends, former patients and new inductees: all with strong work ethics. They shared stories and talked about the therapist and assistants who continued to help them by answering questions, showing stretches, suggesting exercises. I became intrigued by these professionals–some with an uncanny ability to connect with young people–others with a humorous way of engaging adults. Collectively, they offer a guided path to recovery. Now I understand the motivated achievers who hustle through Therapeutic Associates, St. Helens. Daily they work to improve their health in a facility led by a dedicated staff who’s group knowledge and diverging personalities help people find success. I am fortunate to have landed in this inspiring crevasse. In March, I’ll climb out of this comfortable place and head back to the Himalaya, with supplies for my village school and prayer flags for Ama Dablam base camp. Namaste to all …

  5. I didn’t have much experience with physical therapy, so when I broke my back I asked my friends for a pt recommendation. They all said Patrick at Therapeutic Associates in St. Helens. They were not wrong. In ten sessions I “graduated” and leave with exercises, confidence and a lot of progress toward a full recovery. Patrick and everyone on his staff with whom I worked were cheerful, helpful and very professional.

  6. I saw Pat Corrigan, PT, MS for PT several times. He was professional, kind, and very knowledgeable. He has changed my life! I am now more mobile and in a lot less pain than when I first started going. He gave me the exercises on paper so that I could continue to do them at home, and pushed me to the potential he knew I was capable of.

    I work in a Neurologist’s office, and the doctor I work for refers about 50% of his patients to PT. I ONLY send patients to Therapeutic Associates because I know that it’s a wonderful company that really cares about their patients. I have even gotten feedback from some of the patients who have thanked me for referring them to such a great PT group. Thank you, Pat, and thanks to the great staff who are able to answer any insurance questions patients (including myself) have had. You guys are the BEST!!!

    (and yes, I would do a commercial for you guys!!!)

    -Sarah B