While facing more time at home than we’re used to, many of us are committed to adding regular exercise to our days. Check out these recommendations to get the most out of your movement.


Stretching can help muscles heal and prevent everyday aches and pains:
Stretching is More Than a Cool Down

If you find yourself running more during this time, be sure to incorporate a stretching routine to help with that post-running soreness:
Stretching for Runners

How subtle breathing disorders can significantly impact your training and race potential:
Breathing for Runners

Improve your strength as a runner – watch these instructional videos of exercises specific to increasing core, hip, and glut strength for runners:
Strength for Runners

Running & Walking

Finding yourself outside more? Not sure how to transition from walking to running while staying injury-free? Check out these tips on how to progressively increase your walking or running routine:
Running and Walking Your Way to Wellness

If you have never run before, it is important to take it slow. The human body is an amazing biomechanical machine that responds to physical stress by getting stronger. Avoid over-stressing with these tips:
Starting a Running Program

Establishing a balance among strength, flexibility, biomechanics, and training is the key to success in any sporting activity or running/walking regime, as well as the path to injury prevention:
Injury Prevention for Runners

Most cases of plantar fasciitis are both manageable and treatable, here are some ways to reduce your pain:
Tips for Reducing, Managing Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Running is a convenient form of exercise and can be a good way to increase cardiovascular health and bone density. However, it can also lead to numerous injuries if you are not careful. See these 10 laws to preventing running injuries:
10 Laws of Preventing Running Injuries


As we age, there is a greater risk of falling and impacting our health:
5 Exercises to Improve Balance & Prevent Falls

What you can do to proactively improve your balance:
Feeling Off Balance? Here’s What You Can Do.

Are you at risk for falling? Learn the intrinsic and extrinsic risks, and what you can do at home:
What Is Fall Risk?


Other Ways to Get Moving

Exercise has positive benefits far beyond weight loss or aesthetics. Getting your blood pumping has enormous positive effects on your brain and reduces pain throughout your body, calming sensitive nerves. Small changes can have great effects:
Getting Moving is Simpler Than You Think

Staying well hydrated during exercise is always important – check out these guidelines for proper hydration:
Hydration and Exercise

Performing exercises to work the core muscles can prevent injury, increase stability, and improve flexibility:
10 Exercises to Strengthen the Lower Back

No gym or equipment? No problem. Try these three effective exercises:
The Three Most Effective Exercise Moves That Don’t Require Equipment

Improve your health with some basic activities:
Basic Activities to Improve Your Health”

As the warm weather and isolation draws us to our gardens, be sure to mind these safety tips from the CDC:
Gardening Health & Safety Tips

Free Printables

Perform these exercises to properly warm up and reduce your risk of injury:
Dynamic Warm Up Printable



The foam roller is a great tool to help keep your muscles loose and minimize fibrosis. Try these 6 movements:
Foam Roller Program Printable



Recommended exercises to help strengthen key muscle groups that are often neglected and can contribute to overuse injuries if not properly addressed:
Strengthening Program Printable




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