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physical therapist Robert Barnes is the clinic director at Therapeutic Associates in Boise on State Street

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Being in Boise is idyllic for physical therapist Rob Barnes. As an avid outdoorsman, he appreciates being just steps away from Bogus Basin, a local nonprofit ski resort that also offers some of the greatest mountain biking in the country. While having access to the Treasure Valley’s abundant adventures brings Rob joy, he is also passionate about his role as a PT in the region – helping others overcome injuries or pain so they can get out and do the things they love.

Q&A with Rob Barnes

Q: Let’s start with the most important question … If you got to be on Survivor, what luxury item would you choose to take with you, if you could?

Oh, so I applied to the second season of Survivor and didn’t get in. But I think I was close! I’m a Survivor fan, although I don’t watch it anymore. But in the first season, I was all in. Luxury item … probably like a Leatherman pocketknife or something … something to cut things.

Q: So, you didn’t end up being a Survivor star. But here you are, the star in so many patient success stories! What is the story behind how you decided to become a physical therapist?

So, there was not a big like “Ah-ha” moment. When I finished undergrad, I had a biology degree, and I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field. I was going down that road, and I was working as a bartender and doing research, and I worked at a hospital … and then I got a job at a PT clinic and loved it.

And that’s what inspired me — my first job as an aid.

Our clinic has been in this location for 20 years and I really feel like we’re a part of the community, and that is one of my passions. Boise is a wonderful place to live, and this community is very active. When I started all by myself here, it was just an individual working on patients, but now I really feel like we take care of our community. We have a team of therapists here and I really believe that we’re helping not just individuals, but we’re really helping our community stay healthy.

Physical therapist Rob Barnes assesses a patient's knee during intake at a PT appointment.
PT Rob Barnes assists a patient with exercise in clinic for knee pain recovery
PT Rob Barnes offers personalized physical therapy in Boise.

Q: So, what is your favorite place to visit in your community?

Bogus Basin Ski Resort probably. Yep, it’s awesome in the summer. I’ve done some bike patrol up there, so I work up there sometimes. It is a nonprofit ski resort; it has great skiing in the winter and fun mountain biking and hiking in the summer, and it’s only like 35 minutes from here.

Q: That’s a pretty good hint about what your answer to the next question will be … What is your favorite way to spend a day off?

My favorite day to spend a day off depends on where I am. If it’s on the snow, I’m skiing. If it’s in the mountains, I’m mountain biking. And if it’s in the ocean, I’m surfing. And it’s even better if I’m with one of my family members — one of my kids or my wife.

PT Rob Barnes enjoys mountain biking at Bogus Basin with his son.
Physical therapist Rob Barnes on a ski day with his daughter.
PT Rob Barnes and his son enjoy surfing
husband and wife PTs Rob Barnes and Nicole Barnes enjoy time on the water

Q: You’re an avid outdoorsman! What about when you’re not in Boise … what would you say has been your most memorable vacation?

Yeah, I’d have to say the one we just went on — Costa Rica. Just a world class surfing adventure. It was just so much fun. It was just such a fun vacation. It was memorable. The whole family went for 10 days and had a great time. My favorite part was probably surfing what is kind of a world-famous surf break called Witch’s Rock. Yeah, that was, that was definitely a highlight. Costa Rica was always a bucket list thing for me, and then it was just amazing that it came together with that one surf break happening while we were there.

Q: Speaking of great memories, what is the most memorable sporting event you’ve attended?

It was the USC Texas National Championship and I’m a Trojan and we lost — hands down, the most memorable event ever. Worst loss I’ve ever experienced. People usually say that when they won, but this is definitely the most memorable. Could have been the greatest ever. It was great game.

I was there — 50-yard line! And do you want to hear something? So, I went to school there. My roommate was their PT, and so I had seats on the bus with the team.

So if they would have won, that was the biggest party in L.A., like Snoop Dogg was going to be there. Will Ferrell was going to be there. It was going to be the thing … and we lost. Imagine. It was like, last minute. It’s one of those games that goes down in history.

I always say it was almost one of the best days of my life until we lost.

That is the most memorable sporting event I’ve ever been to. Just emotionally like that one just tore my heart out.

A mother and her daughter ride scooters outdoors together

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