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Exercise specialist Justin Seamons brings energy and enthusiasm to patient care at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy Northwest Boise, working to ensure everyone is empowered to reach their goals. A sports fanatic himself, Justin is passionate about seeing others get back to the activities and sports they love.

When he isn’t helping others overcome movement challenges or optimize their sports performance, Justin is typically exploring Boise with his wife and their chocolate lab – wandering local hiking trails or sampling new food at one of the area’s numerous restaurants.

Q&A with Justin Seamons

Q: What inspired you to pursue a career in physical therapy?

I started out at a young age having to have two shoulder surgeries. I was a baseball player and so I spent a lot of time, especially in the summers, rehabbing shoulders. And so, I got to know a therapist on a personal level, and I felt like that was something that I could do very well. I’m super active and moving around all the time, and I like to help others, so I felt like it was a perfect combination to just help others get back to what they want to do as well.

exercise specialist Justin Seamons with a couple of teammates during his youth baseball days
Justin Seamons at the Copa America Semifinals in 2016

Q: So, you’ve always been a sports enthusiast – what is the most memorable sporting event you’ve attended?

In 2016 I went to the Copa America semifinals – the U.S. against Ecuador. There were two red cards and two to one goal score. The U.S. ended up winning! We had nosebleed seats, and we saw three seats down below at midfield and no one was sitting in them. So we snuck down there and we ended up having midfield, couple rows up, seats. It was great.

NW Boise PT exercise specialist Justin Seamons during a trip to Peru with his now wife

Q: That is definitely one for the memory books! What about vacations – what’s your most memorable?

This one’s easy for me. Summer of 2022, I went to Peru with my girlfriend at the time. We hiked Machu Picchu. We did an alpaca weaving. We did all this fun stuff. 

And then, I ended up proposing to her … and she said yes! So, I came back with a fiancé.

NW Boise exercise specialist Justin Seamons gets engaged during a summer 2022 trip to Peru.

Q: Sounds amazing! What was your favorite part of that trip?

Definitely the engagement, but other than that, the food was super good. We went all over, and we tried all the traditional Peruvian food, like campfire-roasted Guinea pig and a bunch of just really unique and different food choices that I had never experienced before. Since I’m kind of a foodie, that part of the trip was really fun.

Q: A foodie, hu? So then what is your favorite restaurant in Boise?

This one is an undercard — I don’t think very many people know about this spot, but hopefully they do after this. It is Casa Blanca, which is a Cuban grill. They have the best croquetas and Cuban sandwiches in town.

young adult men playing soccer

Reach your goals!

Whatever it is that brings you to physical therapy in NW Boise, you can be confident that your treatment plan will be designed specifically for you, taking into account your history and your personal goals.

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