Imani Garlington-Salas

Exercise Specialist


Imani was born and raised in Vancouver, Washington. She attended school at Evergreen high school and was also a college student at Clark community college her junior and senior year. Growing up, Imani always had a passion for things like music, dancing, and playing instruments. She was a part of a girls’ choir growing up and eventually grew to helping lead the girls’ choir with her vocal coach.

Aside from the fun extracurricular activities; Imani realized that she also really enjoys the subject of science and is very good at it too. After learning this about herself, Imani thought it would be a good idea to follow in the footsteps of some of the women in her family and become a nurse. So, she transferred from Clark College to Portland community college to continue her path towards her career. Imani is currently studying biology to eventually transfer into a nursing program. Imani enjoys her opportunity to join this clinic as an exercise specialist, she has already learned a lot in patient care and believes that it is so rewarding to be able to work with a physical therapist to provide quality care to patients.

Outside of work you can find Imani studying for school, with her family composing new music or hanging out with her sisters.

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