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Janessa Castrence

Physical Therapy Aide


Janessa is a third-year student at the University of Portland, currently pursuing a degree in Integrative Health and Wellness. She grew up in the Bay Area and loves Portland, as she finds comfort in nature. Janessa embraces an active lifestyle, reflective of her commitment to holistic well-being. Beyond academics, her free-spirited nature shines through in her cherished moments spent with friends, while staying in touch with her family and dogs back home.

Janessa strives to be welcoming and inclusive, with positive outlook, leaving a lasting impression on those she takes care of. Her dedication and hard work extend to her studies as well as fostering a sense of community. Janessa’s passion for physical therapy stems from her personal experience dealing with an injury, when she spent months recovering from a torn ACL. Janessa draws from this experience to better help her patients as they go through their own recoveries and adds a genuine empathy to her future role in healthcare.

Favorite dessert: cinnamon rolls or ice cream cake
If you could be an animal?  I would be a dolphin because I like the water!

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