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Being in pain, dealing with an injury or facing rehabilitation after surgery can be overwhelming. As experts on the musculoskeletal system, physical therapists are the optimal medical provider to help people navigate these types of challenges. Often, patients are not entirely sure what to expect on their first visit to physical therapy. But, by the time they walk out of the clinic after their appointment, they not only have a plan in place for their recovery, but they also have a partner for the journey.

Play Video about PT Aide helps a patient navigate the stationary bike for warm up during physical therapy appointment

“My objective with the initial evaluation during the first visit is to determine what’s been bothering the patient and determine what other things might be coming into play that they might not even realize,” explained Carolyn Forrester, practice manager at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy – Lynnwood. “During that interview, while figuring out what is causing the patient issues, they’ll often tell me something along the lines of ‘It wakes me up at night,’ or ‘I notice it most when I’m walking downhill.’”

During an intake interview a Physical Therapist determines what is bothering the patient

From those little disclosures, Carolynn is able to help the patient identify their goals for physical therapy.

“Ultimately, I want them to find the things that are important to them, the things they want to get back to doing,” she explained.

Typically, in addition to utilizing shared decision-making to create a plan of care during the first visit, patients can expect treatment to begin. By initiating the treatment plan right away, the physical therapist ensures the patient understands their diagnosis and how their therapy is going to help.

Manual therapy for the shoulder
a reflection view of a patient working with a PT

Every patient’s situation is unique, so the approach to treatment is completely customized — from manual therapy to prescribed exercise — based on a wide range of factors. Additionally, patients can expect regular reassessments during follow-up appointments, to ensure that the plan of care is working for them — that it is not causing pain or discomfort, that it fits the constraints of their time and space, and that it is producing progress toward their goals.  

“I like to go into each visit with an idea of what we’re going to do that day but knowing that my approach may change based on what the patient tells me,” Carolyn explained. “If we find out that something flared them up, then I’m going to change my approach so we’re not going to cause any further pain and we will tackle whatever it is that might be bothering them at that time.”

For PT Aide Deonna Gill, having the opportunity to ensure patients not only understand why they are doing the exercises they have been prescribed but to also guide them and make corrections when their form is off, is gratifying.

“It’s an important role and I love getting to help people overcome something like pain and improve their health,” Deonna shared. “It’s also nice to build relationships with patients and have fun with them while doing their exercises.”

Physical Therapist Aide Deonna Gill assists with a patient exercise program
utilizing a care team approach ensures patients get the benefit of physical therapists and aides in their PT journey

When a patient is done with their course of physical therapy, the team at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy – Lynnwood takes pride in sending them on their way equipped with the tools they need to continue taking care of themselves at home.

“My goal is always to get someone back to 100 percent, but if they are in that 85 to 95 percent range and feeling confident that they can continue to work on their strength and stability at home, then I’m happy with them being done at that point,” Carolyn said. “Then, if they’re ever at a point where they are not quite able to do that, then we are here to help give them a little tune-up, a bit of help to get them over the hill and back to where they need to be.  But ultimately, my goal is always for them to be able to self-manage.”

young girl watches her golf ball after a drive

Get moving with physical therapy.

At Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy – Lynnwood, we are committed to providing effective, efficient, and compassionate care to help patients of all ages and abilities live a pain-free, active life. 

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