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The Disney Family Cancer Center Oncology Rehabilitation Department provides specialized Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy services for cancer patients from the time of diagnosis, during their treatment and extending throughout their lives to improve function and quality of life.

The oncology rehabilitation department provides exclusive treatment for patients with a history of cancer. We specialize in the treatment of the numerous side effects associated with cancer and its treatment including lymphedema, cancer related weakness and fatigue, chemotherapy- induced peripheral neuropathy, balance deficits, pain , radiation fibrosis and the specific needs of the post mastectomy and breast reconstruction patients. Our standard of care is providing comprehensive treatment.

The DFCC Oncology Rehabilitation department is located in Burbank, California down the street from Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center and the Disney Studios. Our therapeutic interventions include specialized services for lymphedema management and therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, education, and therapeutic activities to improve strength, balance , range of motion, cardiovascular endurance and function.

We are committed to providing evidence based, excellent and compassionate care to the patients we serve. We also extend this commitment to the cancer community by providing monthly lectures, participating in cancer fund raising events and working collaboratively with other other professional services in program and research development.