Functional Assessment

Post Offer Screen:

FunctionalCapacityEvaluation-300x225Given after a position has been offered to determine if the client is able to meet the physical level of lifting, pushing, pulling or carrying comparable to similar tasks in the workplace.  The screen can be performed at the workplace or at a facility with functional testing capacity such as Providence St. Joseph Occupational Health Clinic.  Key physical tasks are identified by the employer at the workplace and are incorporated into a 30 minute screen.  The screen can be set up as pass/fail or can be used as a baseline with the employer making the determination if a client can be safely utilized in the workplace.

Functional Capacity Evaluation:

2 to 4 hour testing Functional Capacity Screens assess the worker’s ability to perform physical tasks and to determine readiness for work.  This evaluation would be requested by the physician as part of a return to work physical if the ability of the applicant to safely perform the work functions is in question.   An employer may also request a readiness to return to work functional screen if there are concerns about the employee’s readiness for work, after the employee has been released from their physicians care.

Why Test?

  • Determine fitness of new hires for work tasks.
  • Designate accurate guidelines of function to assist in work modification.
  • Allow earlier, safe return to work for employees.
  • Identify if inappropriate illness behavior may be extending an injured workers case and treatment.

Who Performs Functional Testing?

Licensed Physical Therapists or Occupational Therapists perform the Functional Capacity Evaluations.

Physical Therapy Assistants or Technicians may assist in post offer screenings but must be under supervision of the registered therapists.  Therapists performing capacity testing receive additional education in the principles and performance of functional testing.