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Therapeutic Associates Balance & Vestibular Clinic empowers patients to actively participate in life without balance limitations.

The Balance & Vestibular Clinic is part of a unique multidisciplinary practice. We utilize a NeuroCom Balance Manager which is the community gold standard in balance assessment and treatment. We provide individualized assessments and treatment plans for patients suffering from a wide array of balance issues.

Therapeutic Associates Balance & Vestibular Clinic is conveniently located in Burbank, California at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center. We offer a friendly atmosphere with 1:1 treatments. Our goal is to provide comprehensive high quality rehabilitation for patients suffering from balance and vestibular dysfunction. We look forward to being an integral part of your healthcare team.

We are committed to providing high quality, convenient care in a safe and comfortable environment to help our patients overcome the crippling limitations of impaired balance. As your local experts in regaining stability and balance we are committed to helping our neighbors maintain active and healthy lifestyles.