Patient Stories

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  1. Nice place to come and relax plus leave and feel better!

  2. I was developing symptoms that may indicate a 2nd spine surgery. Dina helped identify thoracic entrapment and gave me foam roller exercises that helped amazingly. No more tingling and numbing down my arms into my hands. Thank you Dina! You helped me from going under the knife again.

  3. The care, consideration, and professionalism I received from the TAI team was all I could ask for and more. Over the course of my recovery from an Achilles rupture, they got me back on my feet and back to running. Thank you!

  4. Dina has been my physical therapist now for about 6 weeks. My progress has been great. Dina is an absolute joy to work with. Love her personality. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me.

  5. I was experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort over the span of my treatment. The people were thorough and professional and I progressed quickly to being able to function normally. Thanks TAI!

  6. Thank you Belen! It was all fun and games. Now back to work!

  7. I came in unable to cross my legs or put my socks on comfortably & after 4-5 weeks can say there is a great improvement.

  8. This is the first place where I felt like my health truly mattered! The staff really care about the people who walk through their door. I definitely recommend Therapeutic Associates! They have helped me so much! Thanks! I greatly appreciate it! Much Love!

  9. I have been to TAI for back and knee issues, for knee pre/post surgery. Belen listens to concerns and is diligent at resolving problems so patients can back to life before problems and makes sure we have what we need to maintain after release.

  10. Belen provided excellent care as I began the process of regaining the strength and range of motion in my ankle following a bad break. At week one I could not stand on it without crutches and it was very stiff. By week six I was walking normal, standing with all of my weight on the ankle and with my range of motion back to what it was prior to the break. Throughout the 6 weeks Belen provided encouragement and excellent care.

  11. This is the second time I’ve seen Dina here within the last year. Both times she individualized exercises for my injuries and helped a lot with joint mobility. I’ve made a faster recovery from working with her than any other service I’ve been to. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

  12. This is my first time with physical therapy and I couldn’t be happier with the care and results I received. The staff and therapist are fantastic, friendly and very caring and professional. After 3 or more months of chest pain it is finally gone! I can function normally again! Thank you Dina!

  13. I want to provide a heart-felt recommendation for this office, and especially for Belen, my therapist.

    I have been coping with a lot of health issues for the last 8 years that have resulted in damaged and incredibly tight tendons, ligaments and muscles. And I’ve been to MANY physical therapists, most of which, unfortunately, have not been very helpful.

    Belen, on the other hand, has been worth every minute I have spent with her and has become a valuable member of my health team. She listens to me closely to inform her approach. And her soft tissue work reflects her physical strength, deep knowledge of physical medicine, and a very strong work ethic. And, even through I have long-standing physical issues which can be challenging, she has been willing to work diligently to help me make whatever improvements are possible within my limitations.

    In addition, the office staff (Katie) has been instrumental in pairing me up with the right therapist and assuring the scheduling/insurance process is as smooth as possible.

    The hearts and minds of this office are on a goal that many other practices have lost – that of sincere patient care! My appreciation goes out to all of them. Thank you!

  14. I just had my six-month post op check for my right knee replacement. My surgeon was very pleased with the progress I have made and the mobility I have in my knee.

    This is a direct result of two factors. The first is I had an outstanding Orthopedic Surgeon and the second is the excellent physical therapy I obtained at Therapeutic Associates off Mill Plain Avenue in Vancouver, WA.

    Six months prior to my knee replacement, I had a Cervical fusion at two levels. I was directed to Therapeutic Associates and have the highest respect for this facility.

    From the front office staff to the physical therapists, you will find efficiency, warmth, & caring as well as professionalism at the highest level. Appointments are made to fit into a patients schedule with telephone reminders prior to appointment day. Billing issues are dealt with in advance in order for the patient to understand their responsibility.

    The Physical Therapists evaluate your medical needs and set up a program to achieve the goals set forth by the physician. They are friendly, attentive, and extremely knowledgeable in the anatomy & physiology of the body. I have gone to Therapeutic Associates twice after my two surgeries and would definitely return here in the future if the need arises. I highly recommend this facility for anyone looking for top quality!

    Mary Helen Kane