AlterG Treadmill

Sam McGlone on Alter GThe AlterG is a revolutionary approach to rehabilitation and training. AlterG’s unique unweighting technology reduces the impact of walking or running, giving post-operative and post-injury patients the opportunity to rehabilitate and resume training earlier than ever before.

AlterG is FDA cleared to safely provide a functional rehabilitation tool for any of your lower extremity patients who have been:

  • Approved by their treating physician for at least 25% partial weight bearing
  • Allowed to flex and extend their hip, knee, and ankle through a limited range of motion

Alter-G-Page-BannerThe AlterG has been used by top professional athletes and teams to:

  • Enhance performance while minimizing the impact
  • Increase training volume and minimize stress-related injuries
  • Maximize fitness retention during rehabilitation

Triathlete Magazine recently published an article about the Alter G and the professional athletes who have used it as a recovery tool, as well as a part of their regular training regimens, including low-intensity interval training, overspeed training, and hill training. Read that article HERE.