Runner's Biomechanical Evaluation

The Runner’s Biomechanical Evaluation is an assessment designed specifically to give the runner an insight into muscle, joint, or movement dysfunction that can have a negative effect on running performance and/or lead to repetitive strain-causing injury. The ultimate goal of the evaluation is to identify movement asymmetries, muscle strength and flexibility imbalances, and joint motion restrictions that the therapist will use to design an exercise program specific to each individual runner to improve mechanical efficiency.

What does the evaluation consist of?

Video Gait AnalysisComplete 60-90 minute biomechanical evaluation, including video gait analysis, assessment of muscular strength and flexibility imbalances, individualized program for improving mechanical efficiency and addressing imbalances, and a 30-day follow up.

Video Gait Analysis: The therapist will analyze the runner’s form using video software. By using this software the therapist will be able to look at the runner in multiple planes of motion, break down the running cycle frame by frame, and use on-screen measurements to make a detailed assessment of the runner’s form in order to identify movement abnormalities.

Mechanical assessment:
The therapist will go through a series of tests to examine joint range of motion, muscle flexibility and strength, and dynamic movement screens geared towards evaluating neuromuscular control in order to assist in finding movement dysfunction.

Footwear and/or orthotic assessment: The therapist will take a detailed look at the runner’s current shoes/orthotics, compare findings with the mechanical assessment, and make recommendations about possible changes that can be made.

Recommendations for intervention:
By the end of your evaluation the therapist will be able to make suggestions regarding supplemental strength training, range of motion/stretching exercises, running form drills, and various other interventions specific to each runner’s needs to restore muscle balance, resolve movement asymmetries, and complement training.

Who Would Benefit from the Runner’s Biomechanical Evaluation

  • Runners of all ages and levels, whether competitive or recreational, who are interested in improving their mechanical efficiency in order to improve running performance.
  • Runners currently dealing with injury who want an evaluation targeted specifically to the demands of running and rehabilitation aimed at restoring pain-free running as well as improving performance through mechanical efficiency.

The Injured Runner

The biomechanical evaluation for the injured runner has the same form and structure as the regular biomechanical evaluation, but with the goal of reaching a diagnosis of tissue-injury mechanical dysfunction as a result of that injury and developing a plan of care for rehabilitation.

What should I bring to the Evaluation?

  • Running apparel, including shirt, shorts, and shoes you are currently running in for the evaluation.
  • Your previous 1-2 pairs of running shoes and orthotics (if necessary) for evaluation.


Runner’s Biomechanical Evaluation = $160

Video Gait Analysis | Hip Abduction

See an example of one particular area addressed during a Video Gait Analysis.