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The journey to becoming practice manager at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy – NW Boise was full circle for physical therapist Katie Duke. It began with shadowing, then working part-time as an exercise specialist at the company’s Boise State Street clinic where she found the mentorship from clinic director Rob Barnes and the clinic team inspiring. She went to PT school knowing that once she earned her doctorate degree, she wanted to return to Therapeutic Associates – a place she knew she would be able to not only grow and advance as a PT, but would also have the opportunity to pursue the specialties that peaked her interest – primarily sports orthopedics.

Katie is passionate about helping her patients achieve their goals and focuses on tailoring treatment plans to fit individual lifestyles and needs. As an adventurous and active mother of two, Katie understands the importance of pain-free movement and optimized athletic performance. She rarely slows down, pursuing her passions and playing with her kids as they explore and find adventures together.   

Q&A with Katie Duke

Q: What inspired you to become a physical therapist?

I played competitive soccer my whole life, played a lot of sports, actually. And when I was about 14, I started having some low back pain and sacroiliac joint injuries. And I had an awesome physical therapist then. And I think that kind of set the stage. And then, you know, I went through college playing soccer, had various injuries, you know, as you do when you play Division One sports. And then my mom was a patient at Therapeutic Associates one time and asked her PT, can my daughter come shadow. So, I became a shadow first. Like I shadowed for free and just interned a little bit. And then they hired me on as an aide or an exercise specialist. And then they said if you want to come back as a PT, we’d love to have you. Then I came back full circle and became a PT. And now I’m a clinic manager.

Q: That sounds like it was a seamless journey! What about when you’re not at the clinic – how do you like to spend your days off?

On my days off, I am outside either mountain biking or running in the trails. On a really good day, it’s both … and playing with my kids. I have two little kids, so we swim a lot, we hike a lot. We’re outdoors just as much as possible.

PT Katie Duke with her son playing outdoors
physical therapist with her kids and dog
trail running

Q: As someone who is passionate about the outdoors, is it safe to assume your most memorable vacation was some kind of outdoor adventure?  

Oh, my most memorable vacation was a few years ago — my sister-in-law took us to a dude ranch in Montana for a week and we got to ride horses all week. My kids were 4 and 6 of the time, and they got to each have their own horse for the week to ride. And we just did hikes and swam in lakes and rode horses and it was amazing. They cook for you. You have campfires every night. We would ride the horses an hour to get to a hiking trail and then hike this cool peak and then ride the horses back. 

I never thought I would enjoy riding horses so much. It was it was fun, and it was hard work too — the kids learned a lot about how to take care of them. We all have cowboy boots and hats now. Now we’re in.

PT Katie Duke and her family at a Dude Ranch on vacation in Montana

Q: Wow! Well then other than horseback riding, what is your favorite sport to watch or play?

My favorite sport to watch and play is soccer. I don’t get to play it that much anymore, but I love working with all the soccer players and the athletes, so it’s fun to watch them. And then you know, we always have it on the TV in the background at the clinic, too.

Q: Okay, now for the most important question: What is your most embarrassing guilty-pleasure song?

Ah, yes. In a Big Country by Big Country! Probably most people don’t know this song, but for some reason, it really pumps me up.

young adult men playing soccer

Reach your goals!

Whatever it is that brings you to physical therapy in NW Boise, you can be confident that your treatment plan will be designed specifically for you, taking into account your history and your personal goals.

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