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Physical therapist Katrina Tooman, SE Boise PT

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When it comes to her role as a physical therapist, Katrina Tooman thrives in the face of challenging or unique situations and enjoys partnering with patients to uncover the root of their problems and to create customized treatment plans to get them to their goals. Catering her care to ensure everyone she works with gets what they need out of PT allows her to tap into her detective skills, expansive knowledge base and clinical experience. Additionally, she loves being a part of a large team of experts at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy – SE Boise, something she considers an asset to her professional growth and to every patient’s journey.

Whether at the clinic or beyond the clinic walls, Katrina appreciates the opportunity to learn new things and try new things. Her interest in movement and human biomechanics drives her creativity in patient care and in her pursuit of activities and adventures of her own. Additionally, the self-professed foodie enjoys tempting her taste buds at restaurants throughout Boise and the greater Treasure Valley.

Q&A with Katrina Tooman

Q: What inspired you to be a physical therapist?

There are a few answers to that question, one of them being I injured myself when I was about 17 at a summer camp — I hurt my shoulder. And, I had a great PT! I had a great relationship with them. I saw the impact that they made on my function and my life at that time. So that was really rewarding.

Now fast forward to getting ready to go to college, and I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do. But, I knew I loved movement, I loved people, and I liked trying to figure out hard problems or, you know, solving tough things. And so, when I looked back into that experience that I had with my physical therapist, I’m like, ‘Look, they work with people, they analyze the body and they have to be detectives for the human body, and they get people feeling better.’ So, it kind of combined everything that I really enjoyed.

In addition to that, it’s really fun as a PT because you’re always learning and you’re always hopefully educating people who come through your doors with more knowledge. And I feel like knowledge is power. So, I wanted to be a part of something that was going to be educational throughout my life and then with everyone who is coming through to see me.

Q: Seems like a perfect career for you! What about outside of work, are there any hobbies you’re passionate about?

So, I love CrossFit. I joined about seven months ago! I’ve always been fascinated by it; I’ve treated some patients from CrossFit, but being a part of the world of CrossFit has been really eye-opening. I’ve been able to incorporate some of those movements with some of my patients as well. That’s one of my top favorite hobbies right now. Just joining the class when I can, and then also hiking.

Q: CrossFit … Hiking … Do these things play into how you like to spend your days off?

I love getting a good workout in on my days off! And then just spending time with my husband and either going on walks on the greenbelts here in Boise or just going out to a park and having a picnic — just a low-key day after a good workout. That is a great way for me to spend my day.

Q: Picnics in the park sounds fun! What about when you go out to eat — do you have a favorite restaurant?

So, my favorite restaurant out here is Madhuban. It’s an Indian restaurant off of State Street and it’s great. My husband and I love going there. It has some of the best Indian cuisine out here. So that is my top, top favorite place to go.

physical therapist Katrina Tooman - SE Boise PT

Q: Sounds like you know how to enjoy Boise! How about beyond Idaho, what is your most memorable vacation?

OK, so the most memorable vacation was with four of my sisters in 2022. We went to the Big Island in Hawaii and just had a quality time there, like a week in Hawaii where we got to reconnect, spend time out next to the ocean and on hikes. And it was just a wonderful time. Just the sunlight and the beauty – everything’s just so green out there.

 Q: Four of your sisters … is there more to tell there?

So, something people are often surprised to learn about me is that I have 14 siblings – seven sisters and seven brothers; I’m the second youngest of 15 kids, and the majority of us were adopted from East Africa.

SE Boise Physical Therapist Katrina Tooman and her sisters in Hawaii
A favorite vacation to Hawaii for Katrina Tooman
All smiles during a Hawaii vacation for Physical Therapist Katrina Tooman
physical therapist conducts a strength assessment on a patient

Reach your goals!

Whatever it is that brings you to physical therapy in SE Boise, you can be confident that your treatment plan will be designed specifically for you, taking into account your history and your personal goals.

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