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Makenzie obtained a B.S. in Exercise Science and Health at the University of Idaho before moving back to Upstate New York where she obtained her Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from SUNY Upstate Medical University. While obtaining her DPT at Upstate, she worked as a neuroscience teaching assistant, where she found her passion for neurology. She further progressed her knowledge in neuroscience as a research assistant and co-authored “The Impact of Sleep Disorders on Functional Recovery and Participation Following Stroke: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis”. She was a formal presenter on the research topic at the national physical therapy conference in 2020. At graduation, Makenzie was recognized for three awards including: 1) Student Participation Award for demonstrating strong initiative and leadership ability; 2) Professional Participation Award for her involvement in professional activities related to physical therapy and the APTA; and 3) Dr. Pamela Gramet Award for her outstanding academic and clinical performance in demonstrating the core values of compassion and caring. Makenzie strives to translate these qualities into her patient care.

Following graduation, Makenzie worked for a private practice physical therapy clinic where her caseload was primarily low back pain, balance dysfunction, joint pain and pediatrics. At the same time, she work per diem at an acute care hospital performing inpatient physical therapy. Makenzie eventually transitioned from private practice to full-time at the hospital in the outpatient clinic with emphasis on post-operative care, chronic pain, and joint pain. She was also able to moonlight in acute care as needs arose. Inevitably, Makenzie moved to California and began working for Therapeutic Associates, Inc. where she has been able to practice her passion for neurology. While she continues to be a well-rounded physical therapist by treating patients who require post-operative care, experience joint pain, neck pain, and low back pain, her focused practice is in treating patients who have had strokes, Parkinson’s Disease, dizziness and vertigo, and balance dysfunction. In May 2023, she became a vestibular rehab provider through the American Institute of Balance.

Makenzie has enjoyed exploring California and will take the sunshine any day over the snowy Upstate New York weather. She has enjoyed different hiking adventures, trips to the ocean, and long walks in various communities within Los Angeles. She also enjoys traveling, photography, and brunch with her friends.

Additional Certifications

Vestibular Rehabilitation Certification



Doctorate of Physical Therapy, SUNY Upstate Medical University

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