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Spokane Physical Therapy at Riverpoint

About the Clinic

If you live in the Spokane area and are in pain, recovering from an injury or surgery, or just want to improve your health and performance and prevent future medical problems, we’re here to help you. Our experienced and caring physical therapists have specialty certification in orthopedic manual therapy. This allows them to more accurately diagnose and treat all of your musculoskeletal issues and get you feeling better faster. Our goal is to enhance your function so you can experience the best physical health life can offer.

We opened our physical therapist-owned private practice in the summer of 2011. We are conveniently located across from the WSU/EWU Riverpoint campus just east of downtown, with easy access from North Spokane, South Hill, Spokane Valley, and I-90 via the Hamilton St. exit and have free on-site parking.

Following a detailed interview and examination, we will create a treatment plan specifically tailored to meet your needs and goals. Our one-on-one treatment approach emphasizes hands-on cutting edge manual therapy, prescriptive exercise, and neuromuscular retraining techniques not widely available in Spokane. We look at you as a whole person and strive to get at the root of your problems, creating lasting improvements in your function verses temporary symptom management. Our integrated approach has empowered literally hundreds of people to take an active role in their health, feel better and lead fuller lives using conservative and non-invasive means, often even when previous treatment approaches have been unsuccessful.


Cancer Care at Spokane Physical Therapy

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Spokane Physical Therapy at Riverpoint


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Team Blaze Running Analysis

When:  Tuesday,  August 11th Time:  5:00pm-7:00pm Cost:  Free! Where:  TAI Spokane Physical Therapy at Riverpoint Running biomechanics has a huge influence on both performance and running injuries. Optimizing your mechanics will let you run longer, faster and more comfortably with reduced pain. Let our highly trained physical therapists analyze your running gait and screen your biomechanics to help you run your best this year. Screenings Include: Muscle strength and balance Neurological influences on muscle recruitment Joint mechanics Functional movement patterns Shoe inserts or orthotic needs Team Blaze members will receive a 30 minute free individual consultation with a licensed physical therapist and will include recommendations for follow up treatment if needed. 30 ... read more »


Low Back Pain Seminar

Bill Olson PT, CMPT - Therapeutic Associates Spokane Physical Therapy - Riverpoint

Low back pain is an epidemic in the United States, and is the number one cause of activity limitation and work loss in our society. Up to 33% of those who have an episode of acute low back pain will have another episode within the year and the number of people who develop chronic low back pain requiring ongoing medication or invasive medical procedures is rising significantly. Join us at Therapeutic Associates Spokane Physical Therapy at Riverpoint for an informational seminar outlining how evidence-based Physical Therapy treatments can help you: Resolve an acute episode of low back pain faster. Help you prevent recurrent ... read more »


Free Running Analysis


Thursday May 21st | 5:00pm -7:00pm Running biomechanics have a huge influence on both performance and running injuries. Optimizing your mechanics will let you run longer, faster and more comfortably with reduced injury.  Let our highly trained physical therapists analyze your running gait and screen your biomechanics to help you run your best races this year. This screen is appropriate for any type of runner, casual or competitive. Testing will include: Muscle strength and muscle balance Neurological influences on muscle recruitment and joint mechanics Functional movement patterns and shoe/orthotic needs. Screen Includes: A 30 minute free individual consultation with a licensed Physical Therapist and will include ... read more »


Career Night at Spokane Physical Therapy

Greater Spokane Incorporated

Learn what it’s like to be a physical therapist Spokane Physical Therapy is proud to host an educational evening on physical therapy as a career in collaboration with Greater Spokane Incorporated’s “Business After School Health Care Week”.  This event is part of GSI’s efforts to promote STEM education to the region’s high school students. Presenters from Eastern Washington University’s Physical Therapy Program and Spokane Falls Community College Physical Therapist Assistant Program will also be present to answer questions about their educational programs and requirements. Who: Students, Parents, Educators, Community Members When: March 26th from 4PM - 6PM Where: Therapeutic Associates Cost: Free Click here to Register


Physical Therapy Helps Cancer Patients Bounce Back

Bill Olson PT, CMPT - Therapeutic Associates Spokane Physical Therapy - Riverpoint

Article from the Spokesman-Review By Adrian Rogers To Susana Soth, the scar tissue from her mastectomy six weeks ago feels like a rubber band wrapped tight around her chest. But the band is loosening, she said, thanks to help from her physical therapist. And she’s hopeful that by loosening up that tissue, she’ll be able to maintain as much mobility in her arm as she can even after she undergoes radiation as part of her breast cancer treatment. Physical therapy can help cancer patients regain motion after surgery, heal wounds and combat uncomfortable swelling. But it’s sometimes overlooked, said Bill Olson, a Spokane physical therapist who ... read more »

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Testimonials for Spokane Physical Therapy at Riverpoint

  1. I am a 45 year old mother of two who sought treatment with Bill Olson, PT, when I dislocated my right hip during an exercise/dance class. Although my hip was the trigger event, I have had problems with my back and neck since my 20s (with severe flare ups a couple of times a year), and was left with permanent tingling in my right thigh following the birth of my two sons.

    Mr. Olson addressed and resolved all of these issues. Different from other physical therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists I had sought relief from in the past, Mr. Olson conducted a comprehensive evaluation before launching into treatment, adjustments and the dreaded at home exercises.

    He ascertained and addressed the cause of my pain and misalignment rather than automatically going to the pain site for manipulation. Mr. Olson is sophisticated in understanding how the body works as one organic system. He is heavy on hands-on manipulations which, after a couple evaluative sessions, provided me immediate relief. He was also careful not to barrage me with those at home exercises. As our treatment relationship progressed, he was mindful of removing some at home exercises and introducing replacement exercises in order to address my body’s improved health.

    Mr. Olson is a very good teacher and taught me how to locate my core abdominal muscles (which I couldn’t even identify for at least three sessions – men, you’ve never had babies before – so don’t laugh.) Part of that teaching was demonstrating to me that if I tightened a little here, stood a little like this, brought my neck in this direction, my strength improved. It seemed liked a magic trick at first but it was simply Mr. Olson using his high skill level to teach me how to hold my body so as not to reinjure.

    So Spokane, you got Bill Olson. I hope you take note of his arrival, appreciate him, go to him, get healthier, enjoy life more, and live pain free. Seattle lost our very finest.

    Respectfully Submitted by Ellen Chestnut

    Ellen Chestnut
  2. I came to PT reluctantly, only after a myriad of other treatments, both Western and Eastern, had failed. I had a good PT in Seattle but needed someone who would think outside the box, evaluate my asymetry and prescribe a treatment that would work. On the recommendation of a friend, I found Bill Olson. Bill is nothing short of brilliant. Unlike any other PT I had ever encountered, he does a careful diagnostic on each visit and manually fixes what he can and prescribes a thoughtful and effective home-care regimen. On most occasions, Bill’s manual work cured what ailed me in one or two visits. On other occasions, follow-up was required. Bill has restored me to health and activity, having successfully treated me for lymphedema (caused by cancer treatment), leg pains, back pain and shoulder pain. Bill is focused on the spine and all the various systems of the body which rely and contribute to good spine health. Bill diagnosed and successfully treated problems which orthopedic surgeons had not figured out. Only hyperbole could do Bill’s work justice. Bill is the finest PT I have ever encountered and his patients are incredibly lucky.

    Jeannie Gorman
  3. On two occasions over the last two years, I sought out the physical therapy expertise of Bill Olsen to treat low back, neck, and right arm pain that had not been successfully resolved in sessions with other physical therapists. Bill treated my symptoms not as isolated problems but in relationship to the broader picture. He treated the three problems holistically and provided a clear home program for me to use to work towards resolving my symptoms over time. Bill was excellent about answering questions and was not threatened when asked to explain why he was doing the treatments and manipulations that he utilized to address my pain symptoms. The treatments provided decreased my pain symptoms and enabled me to return to outdoor activities that had been limited up to that point. Bill was open to collaborating with other health care professionals involved in my care, providing input by phone or email as well as responding promptly to my calls with question and concerns. I would highly recommend Bill Olsen for those who would benefit from his areas of expertise.

    Bridget Carney
  4. [img]54f1c903dfec12c64a5fc9bb6ed8b85b.jpg[/img]

    Bill Olsen is my hero! Bill is one of the most dedicated and caring health professionals I have ever had the opportunity to work with. He is known as the one physical therapist who takes on patients that other medical professionals cannot help. I truly feel that Bill has given me my life back after years of back and neck pain, and chronic migraine headaches. For years I struggled with neck and back problems that doctor’s and other physical therapists could not resolve. I finally got to the point that I thought I was going to be in chronic pain for the rest of my life until I was referred to Bill for help. At the end of my treatment with Bill, I felt like I returned to being the person I used to be. My headaches were 100% gone, numbness and tingling sensations that I had in my arms and legs were 100% gone, and I was back to working out and functioning at a high capacity.
    Thank you Bill! I owe you a debt of gratitude for the rest of my life for the care that you provided!

  5. [img]e1f2175761e8544e81a674e14076b2cf.jpg[/img]

    I broke my arm two years ago and went to another physical therapist. After treatment, I was able to use my arm.

    Cleverly, I broke my arm again this year in a different location. I had moved to Spokane and was lucky to find Bill. He was very thorough in his evaluation. He determined although we had to strengthen my arm, the weakness additionally stemmed from a neurological problem in my neck that prevented me strengthening my arm. His approach and continual review is miles above the other therapist who only treated the obvious injury. I feel that with Bill’s approach I will be able to not only gain strength in my arm but my entire back and be able to have much more endurance than before we started.

    I will be using my endurance to keep up with my dog when we are running dog agility events.

  6. I broke my ankle in the fall of 2008 and since then I’ve had 6 operations, my last one being a subtalor joint fusion, I’m only 25 years old. I’m known in the area as a “Tough Case” due to the nature of my injury for how old I am. I’ve been told many times that there’s not much more anybody can do to ease my pain and gain comfort.

    I’ve seen many doctors and physical therapists during the course of my injury and healing and while some care was satisfactory, some of it was not. What I thought was physical therapy wasn’t doing much for me, until I was referred to Bill Olson. Bill seriously changed my life. First of all he is a genuine human being with a real concern and care for his patients. I was and am very gracious that he took me as a patient in this seemingly tough case and he gave 100% to me every visit. Bill looked at the big picture, not just my messed up ankle, but my knee, hips, and lower back. All of which were having problems of their own due to the poor way I walked. This was all new to me, I would never think to work on somebody’s back when they have ankle problems, but this was just what I needed. Exercises and stretches to strengthen the rest of my body so I would be able to walk better. Bill also took time to talk with my doctors to figure out the best plan of action, something no other physical therapist had done for me before. I’m so incredibly blessed to have been referred to Bill, without him my progress would not be nearly as positive as it has been.
    The rest of the staff is also incredibly nice and accommodating. It’s so comforting to walk into physical therapy and know immediately that you’ll be greeted with kindness.
    I would recommend anybody, with any type of injury to Bill Olson.

    Heidi Hanes
  7. I was referred to Bill Olson by my pediatrist for recurring acheilles tendon pain. Bill was amazing, I have had some major injuries over the last 15 years and have constant pain, every trip to a doctor was the same, we really can’t find anything wrong and none of your symptoms are related!! Bill did his fabulous and complete assessment and asked me many questions? Do you have pain here, do you have this symptom, do you have this problem? I finally didn’t feel like I was crazy!!! Bill informed me that he found problems with my lower neck due to an old injury that were causing all my other symptoms and pain and that they were all related to this injury. He has been treating me for a few months now and I feel so much better. I drive 3 hours each way 2 times a week for my beloved treatments! The most important thing Bill has given me is that I should be listening to my body and that all my pain is real! Everyone at the clinic is fabulous!!!

    Sally Thurston