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Empowering Meridian physical therapy patients to achieve their goals.

At Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy – Meridian, we are committed to working with you to optimize your experience on your road to recovery and maximum healing. We emphasize education, cutting-edge therapy techniques and hands-on, individualized care in a uniquely supportive environment to help you meet your goals.

Your Meridian physical therapy partner.

Our Meridian physical therapy office is locally owned and operated. Here, we are committed to maintaining a supportive, friendly environment where patients of all ages and abilities receive the most comprehensive, high-quality physical therapy care available. We prioritize maintaining an exceptional staff with a diverse range of expertise and experience and focus on offering a wide range of multidisciplinary treatments.

We believe in every individual’s potential and are committed to making exceptional results accessible through compassionate therapeutic care and injury prevention. We are committed to evidence-based care, and we honor our patient’s preferences by employing shared decision making in a collaborative environment. Our goal is to empower you to minimize pain, maximize function and achieve long-term relief.

Community focused.

We are committed to supporting Meridian as a healthy, active community. As rehabilitation, movement, and wellness specialists, we believe in giving back via our time and resources. We are proud to support local organizations to ensure the prevention of injuries and to foster, support, and promote an active lifestyle to everyone.

Check out our clinic space.

Our clinic was designed with one purpose in mind: providing all of our athletes and patients with an elite training facility where they can recover faster and reach their maximum potential.


they say...

Sandy Anderson Avatar
Sandy A.
I have been to many PT places over the years, but Therapeutic Assc far exceeds anywhere I've been. Their professionalism, knowledge & care is outstanding. I highly recommend them!
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Dorene Christensen Avatar
Dorene C.
First, the receptionists at Therapeutic Associates never fail to stop working and greet each person warmly.
Then, Stephanie Hall and Malina are amazing: knowledgable, practical, openly honest, and straight to the point with sincere concern and a touch of humor.
Finally, they evaluated, set me up with exercises, monitored my progress, and took care of my problem! You can't beat that!
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Mary Chavez Avatar
Mary C.
I absolutely love this place!! The front desk ladies are very nice. Stephanie, and Malina are my savors... They do a top notch job always, I'm so thankful for them.
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Our services — designed to help you reach your goals.

Offering a wide range of multidisciplinary treatments, including manual and movement-based therapies as well as performance and preventative services, our team’s mission is to provide quality rehabilitation, performance enhancement and life-long fitness.

We treat each individual 1:1, like a family member

Your goals matter. Physical therapy can help you reach them.

Happy family playing on the couch

Your path to physical health starts here.

Dedicated to patient-centered care

Hands-on treatment approach

Caring and fun support teams

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Jason Quigley and his family on an outing together near a waterfall

Jason’s Winning Play: Beating Shoulder Pain with PT

Jason, a dedicated father and volunteer softball coach, found himself sidelined by nagging shoulder pain. Determined to regain his mobility and return to coaching his daughter’s team, he turned to physical therapy for answers. Through targeted treatments and personalized care, Jason discovered the transformative power of PT on his path to wellness.


A woman celebrates a hike at Red Rocks in Sedona, a milestone in her recovery from preventative bilateral mastectomy surgery

Post-Mastectomy Physical Therapy — Andie’s Patient Success Story

The path to recovery for post-mastectomy patients is filled with ups and downs, and Andie’s journey was no exception. There was a part of her that thought she might never be able to reclaim the things in life that bring her joy. But, through a gradual and comprehensive physical therapy program for recovery and rehabilitation, Andie got her life back.


The South Medford physical therapy team surrounds patient Jim Klug and his service dog.

Beyond Expectations — Jim’s Healing Journey Through Physical Therapy

Jim, a Vietnam War veteran suffering from back pain and neuropathy, embarked on a life-changing journey through physical therapy. With the support of his PT team and the companionship of his service dog Niko, Jim experienced remarkable healing and a renewed sense of mobility that surpassed all expectations.


Against all odds, Aubrey Burningham is back to squatting with heavy weights in the gym.

Power over Pain – Aubrey’s Physical Therapy Success Story

A fluke accident during labor left Aubrey Burningham struggling to care for her newborn as she battled debilitating pain. Life quickly became overwhelming as she tried to navigate her days with four young children at home. Her painstaking journey was long and riddled with obstacles, but through physical therapy – including pain education and reprocessing – Aubrey found a pathway to healing.

Recent Clinic Blog Posts

Our educational blogs draw on the expertise and experience of our therapists, bringing you the information you need to pursue an active, healthy, and pain-free life.
While Kristen Dunlay is passionate about her ability to positively impact other people’s lives, she never loses sight of the things that she loves outside of the clinic, which happen to mostly be outside.
Having always been drawn to adventure and outdoor recreation — from the mountains to the sea and everywhere in between — Brian appreciates that his role as a PT in Meridian means he gets to help other people get out and enjoy some of the same activities he loves.
Before sliding down the groomers or making perfect off-piste turns, it’s essential to prepare your body for the demands of skiing. Preparing for ski season should start well before the first flakes start flying.

Recent Blog Posts

Our educational blogs draw on the expertise and experience of our therapists, bringing you the information you need to pursue an active, healthy, and pain-free life.
Breathing is a fundamental root of life. However just because you are breathing doesn’t mean you are using your most efficient and effective mode of breath.
Shoulder pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal issues people face. While minor shoulder discomfort may resolve with rest and self-care, persistent or worsening symptoms warrant attention from a qualified healthcare professional.
Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes widespread pain throughout the body as well as a cluster of other symptoms. Although there is no cure for fibromyalgia, physical therapy can help to reduce pain and manage symptoms.

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