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  1. TAI Bend has been helping me with several areas that need some care for about 12 years. Most of these problems involve body parts that are feeling the effects of 70+ years. The treatment that I receive at the office and the exercises that I receive for home have kept me going to do the things I love, such as hiking, trekking and travel. The staff is always courteous and friendly. My back, my hips and pelvic region, my shoulders, thumbs and elbows, all say thanks. The steps to keep patients safe during Covid-19 are reassuring. I am happy to recommend TAI Bend for anyone seeking after surgery rehabilitation or relief from sore muscles and over-exercising. Their care has gotten me to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and to the Everest and Annapurna Base Camps.

  2. I couldn’t be happier with the optimism and professionalism presented at TAI. They helped the healing process of both my knee replacements by knowing just how far to push me while also taking into account my peculiar personality. Not an easy undertaking. Thank you Kimberly, Nate, Adrianne, Marianne, Rachel, and all who helped to make my painful experience tolerable!

  3. I went to Therapeutic Associates after each of my knee replacements. I worked with Brian Timm during each recovery. Brian was a great fit for me. His expertise is broad and he encouraged and gently pushed for my recovery. Under his care I progressed steadily. The rest of the staff is also stellar – warm, friendly, helpful. I always felt welcomed and comfortable.

  4. Hi, my name is Buck (Marvin). I just completed 9 weeks of PT at Bend Physical Therapy, Neff location. This probably sounds funny, but I’m going to miss it. Kim and Nate were AWESOME. I enjoyed every visit, they were more than just my therapist, they became my friends. EVERY employee was very friendly, from the front desk, to the assistants. I think they need a Walmart type greeter, so I can apply, and hang with the Bend PT gang more. I highly recommend this group of professionals and friends.


  5. My name is Max and have just completed six weeks of physical therapy with Therapeutic Associates in Bend, Or. I had both of my knees replaced at the same time and began therapy on the fifth day after surgery. Each week of therapy showed more strength and ability in movements. During this critical time of healing and regaining my ability to do the things of daily life and the thing I have not enjoyed for to long time they were very instrumental. Their therapy program was not only awesome at their facility but a home as well. I cannot thank the staff and hands on people enough for doing such a great job and making my recovery such a success !
    Peace,Health and Best Wishes !

  6. Therapeutic Associates (Bend, OR) Is Extremely Professional and Effective In The Physical Rehabilitation Process!

    My name is Brian and I have been a client of Therapeutic Associations on at least four (4) occasions…following a knee replacement, a partially torn rotator cuff, a hip replacement, and most recently, a hip revision. In brief, I would and have recommended this organization to various colleagues and friends without hesitation.
    From the initial visit to Therapeutic Associates to the final ‘working’ session, the administrative staff and physical therapists assist and treat you professionally and in a timely manner. I tend to be a person who asks questions about parts of the therapy and whether there are additional activities I could be doing away from the formal therapy sessions, and in all cases I felt my questions were answered to my satisfaction.
    Over time I have certainly developed confidence in Chuck, the manager of Therapeutic Associates, and in his staff members with whom I’ve worked, as it regards their knowledge of rehabilitation techniques and the fruitfulness of exercises and routines given me to follow.
    All of the staff, I feel, are extremely customer-service oriented and continually inquire about one’s satisfaction with their level of progress as well as their energy level to be persistent and/or mental outlook as it pertains to the physical rehabilitation process.
    Lastly, when having to make additional therapy appointments I felt the department’s administrative staff were excellent in accommodating my weekly schedule, and did their best to keep me “on schedule” in terms of my continuing therapy sessions.
    Again, I have no qualms or hesitation about recommending Therapeutic Associates of Bend to anyone in need of effective, professional, physical therapy professionals.

    – Brian, Bend, OR

  7. A Pain in the butt is now gone because of ASTYM™!

    I developed a limp that eventually turned into tendonitis of the butt. I tried cortisone shots, Pilates, and various physical therapies, all leading to no improvement, and then my rheumatologist suggested that I try ASTYM™. She had used it for knee issues and it worked for her. I could not sit in a car or on a chair watching TV without pain. I could not attend meetings where there were folding chairs. I was carrying a seat cushion everywhere I went. I was getting ready for an airplane trip to Croatia, which would be long and painful. The improvement was rapid. After 2 sessions I could drive the 20 minutes home from PT. After 6 sessions I rode in a car 4 hours without pain. I am now ready for that 50th anniversary vacation!

    – Linda, ASTYM™ Patient / Bend, OR

  8. I had been having knee problems all last summer, which had been really getting in the way of my training for cross-country skiing. I went to Chuck at TAI to get my bike fit to see if that would help my knees. He not only gave me a pro bike fit which will help me avoid knee problems and make my bike ride better, but he also helped me figure out the real root of the problem and start to address that. Between the bike fit and stretching routine Chuck gave me, I should be able to run and bike and ski comfortably again all year. And if anything should go wrong, I know the team at TAI is there to help me get it figured out and fixed!

    These guys are the best.

    Thanks TAI!
    -Matt Briggs, XCOregon

  9. I am very happy to see my recovery going so well. I had a total hip replacement on June 26, 2012 and I have already ridden my bicycle and gone kayaking twice! I go up and down 12 steps of stairs many times a day. I know I still have more recovery to do, but I look forward to doing so with the help of the wonderful and knowledgeable staff at TAI in Bend at the Center. Thanks to Brian Timm and Adrianne Osborne for their help and dedication.

  10. Video Testimonial – Tim Burtschi

    Professional Freestyle Skier Tim Durtschi talks about his injuries, rehabilitation, and training.

  11. Video Testimonial – Stephanie Howe

    Professional runner, professional Nordic ski racer, and Bend Pole, Peddle, Paddle women’s elite division winner, 2010,
    2011, and 2012.