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Mid-Valley Physical Therapy provides friendly, individualized expert treatment, empowering patients to achieve their unique goals.

For more than 30 years, Mid Valley Physical Therapy has served Albany and the surrounding communities as your choice for outpatient orthopedic physical therapy. We are committed to providing evidence-based, highly skilled, and individualized care. We realize that your condition and goals are unique to you, and strive to treat each patient with the care and respect they deserve.

Mid Valley Physical Therapy (MVPT) is located in downtown Albany (on the corner of 7th and Elm)- next to Albany General Hospital. Treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, MVPT uses an individualized treatment approach to meet each patient’s unique needs. Treatments are one-on-one with the provider. Our physical therapy services include manual therapy, therapeutic exercises/activities, therapeutic modalities, work conditioning, strength training, and cardiovascular conditioning.

It is part of our culture to give back to our community. We actively give back and volunteer our time at local community events, service clubs, and local high schools. We strongly believe that knowledge is power, and we routinely provide educational opportunities to the community free of charge. As your local experts in musculoskeletal health, it is our commitment to help our neighbors maintain healthy and active lifestyles.