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We are elite movement specialists with the skill, determination and creativity to help you excel at life. 

We built this clinic to showcase our wellness vision: oppose common healthcare mediocrity, provide the highest quality care, and help people excel at life. We do this by inspiring our team to be elite movement specialists. We believe in being experts, not generalists, and that you should see a provider who is an expert in your specific issue.  It is our deep belief that for us to truly be the best, then we must continually work for it through our innovation, creativity, and skill development. We seek advanced training and education to be knowledgeable specialists. We practice and hone techniques to be the most skilled. We work with each patient with unsurpassed determination and creativity to deliver the best patient experience. We are doctors of physical therapy who strive to be the experts in musculoskeletal health.  We are not the status quo.  We value sound research, collaboration, technology and your time. We despise laziness, ambiguity, monotony.  Therapeutic Associates Happy Valley is a different kind of PT clinic and we are excited to provide front-line expertise in sports medicine, orthopedic issues, and concussion rehabilitation in our Happy Valley neighborhood. We are thrilled to help you excel at life.

Therapeutic Associates Happy Valley Physical Therapy is a locally owned and directed physical therapy practice. We are located on the NW corner of Sunnyside Rd and SE Misty Dr (aka SE 147th Ave), in the building just East of Starbucks.

As residents of Happy Valley ourselves, it is our personal commitment to be your local experts in musculoskeletal health.  Outside of the clinic, we strive to give back to our communities through free education, free injury screens, and the support and sponsorship of local events.