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We strive to provide patient-specific care through knowledge and education to achieve optimal function.

We are honored to be an integral part of your healthcare team and are committed to helping you reach your health and wellness goals. Our team of Physical Therapists and front office staff maintain a high standard of customer service and care, and are dedicated to making your journey with us a pleasant, productive, and worry-free experience.

Located in the Alameda/Beaumont neighborhood, it is our goal to provide comprehensive physical therapy care to our growing community. Our team of Physical Therapists specialize in orthopedic physical therapy, hands-on manual therapy, patient-specific therapeutic exercise, cardiovascular conditioning, and strength training. Combining these skills, we are committed to focusing on the cause of your condition, not just the symptoms, and are dedicated to helping you better understand your condition and the expectations of your rehabilitation journey.

As part of our company and clinic core values, we promote health and well-being and a culture of giving back to our communities. We value the partnerships we share with our local businesses and neighbors through sponsorships and educational forums, and volunteer our time at local events. As your local musculoskeletal experts, it is our commitment to help our community maintain healthy and active lifestyles.