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We are musculoskeletal experts empowering patients to achieve their highest level of function and performance through specific physical therapy programs tailored to each individual’s goals.

Canyon Park Physical Therapy is proud to serve the Bothell Community. Our team of experts includes four Doctors of Physical Therapy to support your overall health and wellness. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive, highest quality physical therapy in Western Washington. We strive to help our patients achieve healthy, pain-free movement that maximizes performance and enjoyment in home-life, work, recreational, and athletic activities. Our priority is to help you return to full function and stay there. From initial diagnosis through recovery, we will teach you how to take control of your body and its healing process.

Located in your Northshore community across the street from the Seattle Times building and just South of the YMCA, Canyon Park Physical Therapy is a top-of-the-line facility with a dedicated staff bringing you superior care for various conditions including lower extremity injuries from the hip to the foot, upper extremity injuries from the shoulder to the hand, pediatric orthopedics, motor vehicle accidents, spinal injuries, pre & post-surgical rehabilitation, sports related injuries, and vestibular dysfunction. Physical therapy services include hands-on manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, therapeutic modalities, cardiovascular conditioning, and strength training.

We are committed to giving back to our community. We take part in funding of local events such as the CanDo 5K and participate in support of local youth and adult athletics. We also support hiring community members with disabilities through the Provail program. As your local experts in musculoskeletal health, it is our commitment to help our neighbors maintain healthy and active lifestyles.