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Getting you back to what you love.

At Therapeutic Associates North Lake Physical Therapy, our experts will work with you to create a unique treatment plan designed to help you get moving and help you return to the active Lake City lifestyle you’re used to. We use current research and techniques to provide the best personalized care for our patients, as well as emphasizing education to help patients reduce pain and improve function.

Your Lake City physical therapy partner.

Our locally owned and operated clinic is conveniently located in the heart of Lake City, WA. Our clinic is just off of Lake City Way in the historic school building where we offer ample free parking. Our Lake City physical therapy team emphasizes education, state-of-the-art therapy techniques and hands-on, personalized care in a uniquely supportive environment.

We specialize in treating a range of conditions, utilizing a wide variety of physical therapy services. Our focus on continuing education ensures that each of our physical therapists is on the leading edge of treatment methods and clinical excellence. Your passion is our priority, and we are committed to ensuring you have everything you need to succeed.

Committed to the community.

Giving back to our community in Lake City and the surrounding neighborhoods is part of our culture. We volunteer our time to local events including the Seattle to Portland bicycle ride as well as to local charities. As your local Seattle area experts in musculoskeletal health, it is our commitment to help our neighbors maintain healthy and active lifestyles.

Check out our clinic space.

Our clinic was designed to empower every patient to reach their full potential, incorporating private treatment spaces and dedicated exercise areas.

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they say...

George Myers Avatar
George M.
I've had PT numerous times over the years for different ailments. Some have been good, many have not been so good. My experience with the team at Therapeutic Associates North Lake was very positive. I see in many reviews people mention Bart. He might still be there, but I never saw him in all my visits. The two therapists I worked with were Mike and Karen (Mike was my primary therapist), and they both did a great job. My knee improved significantly with their treatment, and the exercises they gave me are continuing to help me heal. Nice to have a positive PT experience and therapists I can recommend.
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Jonathan Marmor Avatar
Jonathan M.
The care I received for a lingering neck problem was first-rate. The course of treatment was very effective and helped me overcome my issue quickly. The office staff was kind and helpful, and the communication excellent. I would definitely return.
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Gavriella Velategui Avatar
Gavriella V.
Undoubtedly the best team of physical therapists in the Seattle area. Informed, relational, skilled teamwork has helped me recover my knee strength. You won’t be disappointed, give them a call!
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Mobility Monday

Mobility Monday is a video series hosted by Physical Therapists Bart Hawkinson and Jeff Blanchard. Each week, Bart and Jeff share their knowledge about the musculoskeletal system and injury prevention. Each topic is designed to discuss conditions that people often face, exercises to alleviate pain, and warning signs for when to get help.

Our services — designed to help you reach your goals.

Offering a wide range of multidisciplinary treatments, including manual and movement-based therapies as well as performance and preventative services, our team’s mission is to provide quality rehabilitation, performance enhancement and life-long fitness.

a physical therapist performs manual therapy on a patient's lower leg
PT Rob Barnes assists a young female patient with balance and strength work in clinic at Boise PT

We treat each individual 1:1, like a family member

Your goals matter. Physical therapy can help you reach them.

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Your path to physical health starts here.

Dedicated to patient-centered care

Hands-on treatment approach

Caring and fun support teams

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Cindy Davidson - back to swimming after ankle surgery and rehab

Standing Strong — Cindy’s Inspiring Ankle Rehab Journey

Cindy’s journey through physical therapy exemplifies the power of perseverance, personalized care, and the invaluable guidance of a dedicated physical therapist. After years struggling with ankle injuries, through PT, Cindy found her way back to the things that bring her joy.


Jason Quigley and his family on an outing together near a waterfall

Jason’s Winning Play: Beating Shoulder Pain with PT

Jason, a dedicated father and volunteer softball coach, found himself sidelined by nagging shoulder pain. Determined to regain his mobility and return to coaching his daughter’s team, he turned to physical therapy for answers. Through targeted treatments and personalized care, Jason discovered the transformative power of PT on his path to wellness.


A woman celebrates a hike at Red Rocks in Sedona, a milestone in her recovery from preventative bilateral mastectomy surgery

Post-Mastectomy Physical Therapy — Andie’s Patient Success Story

The path to recovery for post-mastectomy patients is filled with ups and downs, and Andie’s journey was no exception. There was a part of her that thought she might never be able to reclaim the things in life that bring her joy. But, through a gradual and comprehensive physical therapy program for recovery and rehabilitation, Andie got her life back.


The South Medford physical therapy team surrounds patient Jim Klug and his service dog.

Beyond Expectations — Jim’s Healing Journey Through Physical Therapy

Jim, a Vietnam War veteran suffering from back pain and neuropathy, embarked on a life-changing journey through physical therapy. With the support of his PT team and the companionship of his service dog Niko, Jim experienced remarkable healing and a renewed sense of mobility that surpassed all expectations.

Recent Clinic Blog Posts

Our educational blogs draw on the expertise and experience of our therapists, bringing you the information you need to pursue an active, healthy, and pain-free life.
Walking is an optimal choice for people who are new to exercising or resuming a more active lifestyle after a particularly sedentary period. However, despite the relative safety of walking for exercise, injuries can still occur.
One of the most important components of having a successful ski season is spending some time doing some pre-season ski conditioning. However, if you did not have the chance to do this, there is still something you can do.
There are few injuries that are less predictable in their nature, less consistent in their outcome and more varied in their treatment than those sustained in a car accident. Physical therapy can be an effective treatment option.

Recent Blog Posts

Our educational blogs draw on the expertise and experience of our therapists, bringing you the information you need to pursue an active, healthy, and pain-free life.
With proper awareness, coordination, warm-up, and training, you can keep your back pain-free while improving your golf game.
An exercise program that incorporates strength training, stretching, balance activities and power work — rather than focusing on just one of these areas — is the ideal pathway to optimize your health and fitness.
For Rebecca Shenk, working at the front desk of Therapeutic Associates is more than just a job — it is a deeply fulfilling experience that allows her to make a meaningful impact every day.

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