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As part of the team at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy – Eagle, physical therapist and practice manager Mindy English enjoys the opportunity to get to know every patient she works with and to celebrate their achievements with them, throughout their PT journey. Seeing patients get back to the things they love with the help of physical therapy motivates and energizes Mindy in her career.

Outside of the clinic, time with family and friends fills her bucket and keeps her smiling every day. Supporting her daughters, and other kids throughout the local Treasure Valley region, in their pursuit of adventure and fun is the perfect way to merge her professional with her personal life. Sharing her expertise with the community, and particularly with area youth such as through sponsorship of the local chapter of Girls on the Run, adds to Mindy’s sense of fulfillment.

Q&A with Mindy English

Q: What inspired you to become a PT?

So, I knew I wanted to be in the healthcare realm of things; I knew I wanted to be a healthcare provider. I also was actively involved in sports growing up, and I enjoyed coaching, and I spent some time after college coaching youth athletes. I really enjoyed that aspect, but I knew I didn’t want to actually be a fulltime coach as a career. And so physical therapy was the perfect blend of little bit of healthcare and a little bit of coaching.

Q: What would you say is the most important personal attribute you bring to your job as a PT?

I would say that I have an ability to connect with people, and then a pretty personable person, mildly funny, but mostly just really personable.

Q: What keeps you energized at work?

My patients really keep me energized. So, seeing them get back to doing the things they want to do, hearing their success stories after a long weekend that they got to work in their garden and aren’t having as much pain in the morning, or when and we’re able to go for a longer run or play with their kids, all of that is really exciting to me. It really makes my day when people come in just excited about their progress and getting back to doing what they love doing.

physical therapist Mindy Eagle works with a patient on exercises for a shoulder injury
Physical therapist Mindy English assesses a patient's movement and mobility.
PT Mindy English works with a patient doing manual therapy for shoulder pain

Q: Speaking of weekends, what is your favorite way to spend a weekend off?

I usually spend my weekends hanging out with my family, hanging out with friends, hopefully something outside, or watching my kids play sports.

Physical therapist Mindy English enjoys a day ice skating with her kids.
physical therapist Mindy English enjoys an adventure with her family, taking in the view of a beautiful waterfall

Q: Beyond your kids’ events, which I’m sure are very exciting, what is the most memorable sporting event you have attended?

So, the best sporting event I’ve ever been to was the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, where Boise State beat University of Oklahoma with the famous Statue of Liberty play.

PT Mindy English at a Boise State game
snapshot of Mindy English and friends during a backpacking trip in Europe

Q: Wow! Okay, speaking of epic experiences, what was the most memorable vacation you’ve ever had?

After I graduated college, my friends and I did a 6-week backpacking tour through Europe and traveled to eight different countries. 

We just traveled around, stayed at hostels, did all the sightseeing, and it was a fun way to celebrate graduation and have time with friends.

Q: That’s a lot of countries to explore! How about locally, what’s your favorite place to visit in the Eagle community?

My favorite place to visit in the community is probably across the street from our clinic — Eagle Island State Park.

Q: What is the best life advice you have ever been given?

The best life of advice I was ever given is love always wins. Treat people with kindness and show love toward everyone.

A mother and her daughter ride scooters outdoors together

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