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For physical therapist Shelby Hyde, patient care is about a lot more than treating an injury. As someone who values movement in his own life, Shelby is passionate about empowering patients to be able to pursue the things they love to do. Getting to know his patients and playing a meaningful role in their lives energizes Shelby throughout his days as the practice manager of Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy – SE Boise.

Outside of the clinic, Shelby is always moving – whether he’s running for his own joy or running around with his kids. An Idaho native who grew up in Twin Falls, he loves living in Boise, and appreciates the vast outdoor opportunities available throughout the Treasure Valley.

Q&A with Shelby Hyde

Q: What inspired you to become a PT?

So people always talk about jobs versus careers and when I was looking at what I wanted to do, I always wanted to do something that helped empower people, helped inspire people to become better. And looking back to what I was good at as a kid – I was a mover. Whether it was my mouth or my body. I was always on the move always running around. My poor mom was having to chase me everywhere.

I’ve always valued movement in life. And so, growing up I knew I wanted to do something that that helped people to be able to enjoy that just like I do. And I discovered that’s definitely going to put me in the medical field. And then I wanted a job that I could connect with people and work with them for a longer period of time. Physical therapy matches up with that. You know, I get a long time with people in a visit and also I usually get to see people for at least a couple weeks. So, I really get to know people and know what interests them and help them get back to doing something they love.

Like I said, whether it’s playing a sport or just running around with friends or hiking in the foothills, movement’s always been important, and I want to make sure that everybody else is empowered to be able to move just like I can.

Q: Does your love of movement play into how you like to spend a day off?

So, when I’m not here in the clinic, you can almost call me a circus trainer. I have 3 little kiddos at home — a 6-year-old, a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old … and one on the way — and they keep me really busy. So, my favorite way to spend a day off is honestly just being able to take them outside, play with them, go on a hike. We love kayaking, so we love taking our kayak out, but really, it’s just playing with my kids. Like that’s honestly the best thing. They’re stressful, but also really fun. And I enjoy just spending a day off with my family, just hanging out and doing anything that’s maybe not a project around the house.

PT Shelby Hyde with two of his children
physical therapist in SE Boise, Shelby Hyde, enjoys time outside of the clinic exploring with his family, and loves kayaking
Physical therapist Shelby Hyde enjoys time exploring with his expectant wife and three young kids

Q: Okay, so outside of being a dedicated dad, what is one of your favorite hobbies?

I love to run. I mean, it’s probably more than a hobby, it’s become more of an addiction. I’m up around five o’clock in the morning every morning and outside running. And so, you’ll see me … bright yellow, fluorescent lights … it’s just that I love that sport, the activity. It’s really good; it’s almost like my therapy to just be able to get out and be alone for a little bit and just go for a run. It just feels really good. And racing has become one of my favorite things ever! That thrill of going and running a race and doing something really difficult like a marathon that really pushes you, that’s become one of my biggest passions in life.

Q: So, you’re a marathon runner! What is the most memorable race you’ve participated in?

Back in 2019. I was actually able to run in the Boston Marathon, which was such an incredible experience. You know, it’s not one that’s like televised – it’s not your big, big sporting event, but being there and being part of that energy, it was just absolutely incredible. It was one of those bucket list things and life goals that I was able to knock out and can’t wait to get back to again!

Boston Marathon - a bucket list experience for SE Boise physical therapist Shelby Hyde

Q: Sounds like a memory that will stick with you! Speaking of great memories, what is your most memorable vacation?

My family, we just went camping a ton. That was like our big family vacation. So, there’s five kids in my family, so to go do anything crazy was more of a headache for my parents. So, we ended up going camping a lot and some of the best memories I have is actually of camping over in Island Park — eastern Idaho outside of Yellowstone. Good memories out there. Lots of my dad catching himself on fire, lots of fun little games, swimming in the lakes, playing with my siblings, and just good camping trips in general. So those are not one vacation that stuck out specifically, but as life growing up, just tons of really good fun camping trips.

physical therapist works with a patient in the clinic doing exercise for shoulder and back pain

Reach your goals!

Whatever it is that brings you to physical therapy in SE Boise, you can be confident that your treatment plan will be designed specifically for you, taking into account your history and your personal goals.

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