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We empower patients through education and intervention to achieve the highest quality of life.

Our clinic is a partnership between Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy and Oregon Medical Group. We offer patients the highest level of care with 1:1 care, which creates an individualized experience. We employ a dynamic group of individuals who work as a team to obtain excellent patient outcomes and satisfaction.

We are centrally located in Eugene east of the Valley River mall and west of the Eugene Country Club on Country Club Road. We are considered the experts in musculoskeletal injuries and prevention. Our staff has a wide range of experience and interests and enjoys working with a diverse population. Physical Therapy services include, but are not limited to, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, therapeutic modalities, cardiovascular conditioning, and strength training.

Our clinic is committed to bettering ourselves through advanced training/specialization, lifelong learning, and community involvement. We feel this leads to a better community with better patient experiences and outcomes.