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  1. Pauline Tran and her Team are very professional in understanding the patient pain areas and help them to give their best treatment, i was so impressed when i went to see Pauline for my sports injuries for Knee , Back and Neck pains and i recovered in a month!!!


  2. Hillsboro Clinic-very professional and welcoming office. I began with PT for what was diagnois as a IT band injury from my doctor/PA. After a few months my injury wasn’t progressing as quickly as I would like. My PT person was understanding/concern that I should have seen more improvement. Of course the PT did not want to question the doctor/PA diagnois but had a feeling it could be something else. This person was correct, it was actually a hip issue. Thanks to the PT, I am now being treated for the correct injury. Sadly, I do have to have hip replacement, but I do know where I will be going and seeing for my PT. Thank you Hillsboro Therapeutic Associates!!!!

  3. The treatments I have received from Therapeutic Associates (TA) have been wonderful, as well as the Staff and Office Coordinators. These guy are top notch in my book.

    I had a herniated disc (L5-S1) in my back that they treated me for in 2006. This happened on the job and was extremely painful. The Doctors said my only options were surgery or Physical Therapy (PT). I did not want surgery and opted to have PT with TA. After several visits I felt normal again and got back to work at a Garbage and Recycling Company performing my normal, laborious activities. It has been five years now with no more back problems, and they always helped me if I had flare up problems when I would call.

    Now I recently injured my knee on the job and developed Deep Vein Thrombosis, Pulmonary Embolism, and tore the Medial Meniscus in my left knee.

    Well…long story short…I am on my 3rd knee surgery since August of ’09 and had TA help me with recovery on all three of them. I am returning to work shortly after a long road of recovery.
    I would strongly suggest TA to anyone that is in need of PT. You will not find a better place to meet your needs, contour to your needs, provide after-hours advice, and speed you along to a full recovery.

    Thank you to all at the Hillsboro PT,
    Eric M.

  4. The physical therapy I received at Therapeutic Associates was outstanding. I was so impressed with the therapists’ ability to pinpoint the problem quickly and tailor a set of exercises to rehabilitate a chronic shoulder injury I’d lived with for years. As I progressed the exercise program was modified frequently to better fit my shoulder’s present condition and expedite my recovery.

    Therapeutic Associates was my last stop before investigating the possibility of surgery. If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I wouldn’t have believed my shoulder rehabilitation was possible through physical therapy alone.

    -Rod McNeil