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Movement is medicine. We provide compassionate, goal-driven, individualized therapeutic care and performance training as West Linn's movement specialists.

We believe in the power of movement and the positive change physical therapy brings to daily life, sport, and recreation for all ages. West Linn Physical Therapy’s team specializes in quality therapeutic injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, wellness focused programs, and various athletic performance enhancement training utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach. Your success is our success as we meet goals together.

West Linn Physical Therapy is conveniently located on the corner of Willamette Drive and Hidden Springs Road in the Robinwood Plaza.

We are your teammates for life and are committed to putting you first. This means we provide: individual time with each patient and client, make sure your goals and expectations for care are clear with regular check-ins, and utilize the latest in evidence-based interventions to get you back to the activities you love efficiently. Beyond the clinic, our heart’s are driven to give back and serve through volunteering our time in the local community. Our holistic-approach and dedication to healthy and active living does not stop within the clinic walls.