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Athletic Performance
As the seasons change and the sun makes its grand appearance, people pull out their swim suits and start jumping...
stretch, swimming
Athletic Performance
Running could just be the perfect exercise. Running doesn’t require a membership, you don’t need a personal trainer, it gets...
Choosing where to go, packing your gear, and slipping into your hiking shoes are the first steps to an enjoyable...
Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy for Amputees The loss of a limb can be a traumatic experience, affecting an individual both emotionally and...
Physical Therapy
n addition to eating healthier, a proper pain-free functional exercise program designed just for you will help control and reduce the effects of diabetes.
We know that no one really likes to be corrected on their posture, but the habitual position of your neck...
arm & shoulder, Posture
Pelvic Health
Pelvic pain is any pain internally/externally over pelvis and genital areas.  The pain can be attributed to several different causes...
Athletic Performance
Shoes are designed to meet the demands of certain functions. Standing and walking are the two most common functions, but...
Health & Wellness
The mouth breather: We have all heard the comedic-derogatory tone associated with mouth-breathing. While mouth breathing is no actual indicator...

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