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  1. I had total hip replacement surgery in March of 2019 and began seeing Jeff Bonezzi at Therapeutic Associates shortly after that. Spent 10-12 sessions with Jeff and found him to be very effective in identifying movement and exercise that expedited my recovery. Jeff was always on time and well-prepared for our appointments. And the entire staff at the Country Club road facility was friendly and efficient.

    Thanks for your help Jeff and kudos to the entire staff at OMG.

  2. Having been a competitive runner for fifty years, I essentially had to stop running due to a repeated leg and hip injury. Fortunately I met Jeffrey Bonezzi DPT, and through his expertise I have been able to return to distance running.
    Jeffrey analyzed my stride after fully evaluating the hip and low back, he showed me how over time, my past injuries had created compensatory movement patterns. He designed a progressive rehabilitative exercise program to gradually correct the compensation and I have diligently followed his advice for several months. The result is the low back pain, the leg pain and chronic muscle injury have all disappeared.
    I am extremely grateful to Jeffrey and I hope that any runner with a similar condition who reads this testimony, will be motivated to contact him and avail themselves of his expertise.
    Dean Cheesman

  3. Kylee has given me a brand new, pain-free life and I will forever be in her debt. She deserves the highest possible recognition for her unique gifts and dedication to helping people in pain.

    I have lived with chronic low back pain for the last 15+ years. I have undergone multiple rounds of PT between my low back pain and pre- and post- cervical spine surgeries (plural) in the last year and a half. So I speak from experience when it comes to Physical Therapists.

    Kylee is passionate about solving problems and she has the education, experience and interest to do so.

    Beyond this, Kylee has an innate ability to understand humans and how they work. What makes them tick or not tick. She understand HUMANS *and* their bodies *and* genuinely (from an internal place that can not be taught) wants to help people. She is the perfect storm of natural gifts, qualities, education and experience that make her a truly outstanding Physical Therapist at the very top of her field.

    Kylee very quickly identified characteristics and behaviors in me that needed to be adjusted so that I could understand and with that understanding be successful. Kylee educated me about my pain — why it is important, how to listen to it and respect it. I have never been provided any kind of pain education before and I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours and a lot of money, all along the West Coast over the years with Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists and my doctors — all in failed attempts to ease my pain. Kylee figured it out and gave me what I needed to actually get out of it, completely. I didn’t even know that was an option.

    Finally. Someone who really wanted to help me AND who knew how to. You can study, and work hard and get a degree, and still not be any good at what you’ve learned to do.

    I decided to give PT another try because I really wanted to get off of pain pills and really get better. I was so very tired of being in pain all the time. So yes, I was committed, and that is key, but Kylee gave me everything I needed to actually make it happen.

    Kylee designed a plan that always made me feel successful, never discouraged. Her positive outlook and positive reinforcement was so very refreshing. I feel like Physical Therapists and their assistants must work with so many people who don’t want to be there, let alone do any physical work, that maybe they end up a frustrated and tired of it and burned out. I’m not really sure what goes on behind the scenes, but this is the feeling I have gotten from most of them (not all).

    Kylee has been doing this for a very long time and has managed to retain a fresh and uplifting approach without judgement. She is excited to be doing this and it shows.

    I haven’t seen Kylee in a few months (she treated me at Therapeutic Associates in Crescent Village), but I continue to do the exercises that she taught me and I still channel her energy and replay her teachings.

    I am free from pain pills and free from muscle relaxers — just trying to keep the edge off. I am FREE FROM PAIN, naturally.

    After years and years of living painfully, with so many physical limitations and boundaries and fences and places I couldn’t go and things I couldn’t do – I am finally free.

    While I did the work, Kylee earns the credit. Kylee told me what *I* needed to hear, taught me what *I* needed to learn about myself and my body and my pain. She did what no one else has been able to do.

    With sincere gratitude and my deepest respect, I thank you, Kylee for giving me a new and wonderful pain-free life.

  4. Hello everyone, my name is Shayn Burgess and I had reconstructive ACL surgery in mid May. Less than a month after my surgery I contracted a Cellulitis infection in my knee less than a month after my surgery. I was in the hospital 8 days because of it, fighting the infection with powerful antibiotics. Needless to say it severely put me behind in my progression in physical therapy and i loss most of my range of motion. I could’nt bend my knee back more than 94 degrees nor fully extend it any more. I was incredibly scared that i would never be able to live a normal life again because of it and it started to cause me depression on top of the fact my physical therapist i initially had was leaving shortly after i got out of the hospital. I was then switched to David Dowd, PT, DPT And the first day i met and worked with him, he got my range of motion bending my knee back to a full 115 degrees! Just in one single session! The second session i had with him he got my knee to bend back to a full 127 degrees! I honestly was so impressed, so happy and so amazed that i wanted to cry because he made me feel like i could live a normal life again and i couldn’t even begin to describe to him how absolutely thankful to him i was! If you’re going through reconstructive surgery and are about to enter physical therapy, I must with all of my heart and experience recommend David Dowd PT, DPT, he is incredible at his job, very experienced and KNOWS WHAT HES DOING!!!

  5. After years of low back pain, I longed for a different future than the medicated, surgical one my doctors predicted. In his friendly, approachable style, John met me where I was physically and mentally, giving care to the whole person as he treated my back. He explored my own goals while adding education and his insight to the process. Working with John to relieve the years of pain unleashed the athletic, outdoorsy life I thought I would never see again.

    I unwaveringly recommend him to anyone!

    – Jenn Cook