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When a patient completes their course of care at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy – Central Tacoma, the goal...
Carsten Neumiller values the opportunity to get to know his patients and to build relationships through compassion and...

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Athletic Performance
Even if we wear the best shoes and have the most optimal form, taking specific care of our feet is...
Foot & Ankle, Running
Physical Therapy
Research continues to provide evidence that a combination of manual therapy, active movement/exercise, and patient education produces the best results...
injury rehabilitation, pain relief, physical therapy
Working with a physical therapist when an injury or surgery results in the need for you to use a walking...
Exercise, Foot & Ankle, physical therapy
Nursing mothers can face challenges such as clogged milk ducts. PTs who specialize in women's health can provide optimal support...
parenting, physical therapy, Women's Health
If pain due to HSD and EDS affects the hands, it affects most aspects of our lives. Our hands are...
hand therapy, physical therapy
Health & Wellness
There are many stressors associated with raising kids. However, these tips can help you counteract the PHYSICAL stressors associated with...
Exercise, physical therapy
Understanding and managing Plantar Fasciitis includes recognizing symptoms and causes and practicing home treatment.
Foot & Ankle, pain relief
Health & Wellness
Call to action for all the moms out there! Consider something that’s important to you and write down a goal...
Exercise, Movement, physical therapy
Current Affairs
Whether you are a first-time patient of physical therapy or a loyal, returning customer, it is our goal that you...
insurance, physical therapy

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