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Personalized care designed to meet your needs.

At Therapeutic Associates Pasco Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to providing personalized care designed to help you attain your functional goals and improve your quality of life. Our highly skilled physical therapists provide individualized treatment plans to address your unique needs in a timely and financially efficient manner.

Your passion is our priority.

We strive to provide unmatched service during your recovery and journey to optimal performance. Physical therapists are experts in improving mobility and motion while reducing pain to keep you actively engaged in all your favorite activities. Your physical therapist will evaluate your condition, collaborate with you to develop a care plan that incorporates evidence-based treatment methods and apply their education, experience and expertise to ensure you can live a pain-free, active life doing all the things you love to do.

Located conveniently along I-182 at the Rd 100/Broadmoor exit in the same building as the GESA Credit Union member center, our clinic is locally owned and operated. Our clinic team is sensitive to the diverse needs of the Tri Cities’ residents and is committed to providing an upbeat and encouraging attitude where all are welcome and appreciated. We value the opportunity to treat patients across the lifespan with an expansive variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

Community focused.

Our commitment to the Pasco and greater Tri-Cities communities is an essential part of who we are. As your local experts in musculoskeletal health, it is our commitment to help our neighbors understand the importance of physical health and the benefits of keeping physically active. We pride ourselves in our involvement with groups and organizations within our communities and strive to give back via our time and resources.

Check out our clinic space.

Our clinic was designed with one purpose in mind: providing all of our athletes and patients with an elite training facility where they can recover faster and reach their maximum potential.

an athlete doing agility exercise
a mom throws her toddler into the air
an athlete swimming

they say...

Jacquelynn Sharpe Avatar
Jacquelynn S.
I went to the Pasco Therapeutic Associates for shoulder blade problems and also a hip joint issue . They are awesome. I was back to great movement quicker than I thought. No more shoulder blade pain and now able to go back to running. You have to put in the work to help with the process. They are super friendly and Kyle is very knowledgeable in the field of PT.
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Kenneth Hartley Avatar
Kenneth H.
Kyle is an excellent Physical Therapist! He has found and corrected issues in my back, hips, and neck. I highly recommend this practice.
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Bonnie Hall Avatar
Bonnie H.
When my teenage son had brain surgery, the hospital insisted we have PT set up in order to be discharged. Kyle got us right in, and his ability to work with my son was incredible. My son was far from happy or optimistic, and Kyle was so patient and positive with him, and his level of care was also amazing. Can't recommend this guy enough!
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Our services — designed to help you reach your goals.

Offering a wide range of multidisciplinary treatments, including manual and movement-based therapies as well as performance and preventative services, our team’s mission is to provide quality rehabilitation, performance enhancement and life-long fitness.

a physical therapist performs manual therapy on a patient's lower leg
PT Rob Barnes assists a young female patient with balance and strength work in clinic at Boise PT

We treat each individual 1:1, like a family member

Your goals matter. Physical therapy can help you reach them.

Happy family playing on the couch

Your path to physical health starts here.

Dedicated to patient-centered care

Hands-on treatment approach

Caring and fun support teams


Jason Reathaford

Focus on the Finish Line

For Jason, an ultra runner and race director, the news was difficult to come to terms with. But, knowing he would have the team at Therapeutic Associates Pasco Physical Therapy on his side throughout his rehabilitation, he set his sights on overcoming this obstacle and getting to his next finish line.


grandma pushing granddaughter sitting on a skateboard

Putting Pain in the Past

For Linda Andres, playing with her grandkids without a second thought to her knee or the excruciating pain it used to cause her, is exciting and joyful. By dedicating herself to her physical therapy journey, not only did Andres get back to the life she loves, but she also opened a door for herself to countless new opportunities.


Cindy Davidson - back to swimming after ankle surgery and rehab

Standing Strong — Cindy’s Inspiring Ankle Rehab Journey

Cindy’s journey through physical therapy exemplifies the power of perseverance, personalized care, and the invaluable guidance of a dedicated physical therapist. After years struggling with ankle injuries, through PT, Cindy found her way back to the things that bring her joy.


Jason Quigley and his family on an outing together near a waterfall

Jason’s Winning Play: Beating Shoulder Pain with PT

Jason, a dedicated father and volunteer softball coach, found himself sidelined by nagging shoulder pain. Determined to regain his mobility and return to coaching his daughter’s team, he turned to physical therapy for answers. Through targeted treatments and personalized care, Jason discovered the transformative power of PT on his path to wellness.


A woman celebrates a hike at Red Rocks in Sedona, a milestone in her recovery from preventative bilateral mastectomy surgery

Post-Mastectomy Physical Therapy — Andie’s Patient Success Story

The path to recovery for post-mastectomy patients is filled with ups and downs, and Andie’s journey was no exception. There was a part of her that thought she might never be able to reclaim the things in life that bring her joy. But, through a gradual and comprehensive physical therapy program for recovery and rehabilitation, Andie got her life back.


The South Medford physical therapy team surrounds patient Jim Klug and his service dog.

Beyond Expectations — Jim’s Healing Journey Through Physical Therapy

Jim, a Vietnam War veteran suffering from back pain and neuropathy, embarked on a life-changing journey through physical therapy. With the support of his PT team and the companionship of his service dog Niko, Jim experienced remarkable healing and a renewed sense of mobility that surpassed all expectations.

Recent Clinic Blog Posts

Our educational blogs draw on the expertise and experience of our therapists, bringing you the information you need to pursue an active, healthy, and pain-free life.
In this comprehensive blog, we will explore causes, symptoms, and treatment options for Achilles tendinitis, emphasizing the pivotal role of physical therapy in restoring your strength and allowing you to resume your beloved activities pain-free.
Correcting bad posture is a continuous process that requires mindfulness and regular exercise, but the benefits for your overall health and well-being are well worth the effort.
Ankle flexibility, strength, and balance are essential for proper movement, injury prevention, and overall body balance and coordination. Incorporating these five exercises into your workout routine can help reduce the risk of injury and improve athletic performance.

Recent Blog Posts

Our educational blogs draw on the expertise and experience of our therapists, bringing you the information you need to pursue an active, healthy, and pain-free life.
Shoes that provide support, stability, and protection can help protect you from injury and help you get the most out of your trail running adventures.
In honor of Men’s Health Week, PT Devin Langaker openly shares his reflections on his personal experiences highlighting how easy it is to neglect things like regular checkups and daily exercise as life shifts and circumstances change.
There are 34 muscles and 29 bones in each hand and forearm. These structures all work together to pull weeds, plant flowers, and prune trees. It’s important that we keep them in good health.

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