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Dedicated to getting our Bend community moving better faster.

At Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy at the Athletic Club of Bend, our team of experienced physical therapists will work with you one-on-one to develop an individualized plan of care that expedites your recovery. With a focus on manual therapy and functional strength and conditioning, we strive to empower you to reach your goals and get you back to enjoying the active recreation Central Oregon has to offer as quickly and safely as possible.

Offering personalized treatment and care.

Our locally owned and operated clinic is conveniently located upstairs within The Athletic Club of Bend, where we feature private treatment rooms in addition to our access to the Club’s facilities. We actively utilize the Club’s weight room, basketball and tennis courts, indoor track and therapeutic warm pool in our creation of customized treatment and care plans for our patients. 


We are committed to fostering a healing environment that supports individuals of every age and ability. Our team of therapists specialize in a range of treatment options, including aquatic physical therapy, golf fitness and performance, therapeutic yoga, post-mastectomy rehabilitation, pelvic health, pediatric orthopedic physical therapy and ASTYM treatment.

Actively engaging with our local communities.

We are committed to supporting the community of Bend, OR and all of Central Oregon as a healthy, active community. As rehabilitation, movement, and wellness specialists, we believe in giving back via our time and resources. We partner with The Center Foundation, XC Oregon, Central Oregon USASA, Summit High School Booster Club, World Muse, Oregon Adaptive Sports, and Bend FC Timbers, among other organizations, to foster, support, and promote an active lifestyle to everyone.

Golf Performance Program

Bend's premiere resource to taking your golf game to the next level.

Check out our clinic space located in the Athletic Club of Bend.

Our clinic was designed to empower every patient to reach their full potential, incorporating private treatment spaces and dedicated exercise areas.


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Dick N. Avatar
Dick N.
7/08/2022 - Google

First of all I want to thank Therapeutic Associates for accepting me as a patient for only two visits as... read more

Ginny N. Avatar
Ginny N.
6/07/2022 - Google

Good news- I've graduated from PT! Bad news- I won't get to see the team on a regular basis... read more

Charlie A. Avatar
Charlie A.
5/29/2022 - Google

When I decided to wrap my knee around a tree skiing, I thought my days of skiing might be numbered... read more

Our services — designed to help you reach your goals.

Offering a wide range of multidisciplinary treatments, including manual and movement-based therapies as well as performance and preventative services, our team’s mission is to provide quality rehabilitation, performance enhancement and life-long fitness.

We treat each individual 1:1, like a family member

Your goals matter. Physical therapy can help you reach them.

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Your path to physical health starts here.

Dedicated to patient-centered care

Hands-on treatment approach

Caring and fun support teams

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young dancer on stage

From Pain to Platinum — A Dancer’s Transformative PT Journey

One of the highest awards in dance competition, the platinum had begun to seem out of reach for Savannah Lash as she faced challenges with decreasing flexibility and increasing pain. Physical therapy changed everything and gave the high school athlete the tools to reach her dreams.


Focus on the Finish Line

For Jason, an ultra runner and race director, the news was difficult to come to terms with. But, knowing he would have the team at Therapeutic Associates Pasco Physical Therapy on his side throughout his rehabilitation, he set his sights on overcoming this obstacle and getting to his next finish line.


Bouncing Back and Beyond

When a knee injury brought the 2021 gymnastics season to a halt for 17-year-old Abby Huber, the ambitious high school athlete immediately began fighting her way back. Through her rehabilitation, she not only found joy in returning to her sport, but she discovered an interest in pursuing a career in physical therapy.


PT Story Sarah King 1

Running Toward the Rings  

It might not be something you hear a lot about, but even professional athletes lean on physical therapists to maintain their high level of physical performance and to help them fight through potential setbacks. For elite runner Sarah King, PT was part of her 2021 journey to Tokyo.

Recent Clinic Blog Posts

Our educational blogs draw on the expertise and experience of our therapists, bringing you the information you need to pursue an active, healthy, and pain-free life.
Tennis is a dynamic physical sport requiring hand-eye coordination and full-body engagement. Training for the sport is integral to not only improve your game, but to give yourself the best chance to stay injury-free.
How well do you separate your trunk from your pelvis in the backswing and in the downswing? Using...
If you’re suffering from jaw pain and headaches, your jaw pops or gets stuck when you eat or talk, or you have other unexplained symptoms, you may have TMD – Temporomandibular Disorder (often referred to as TMJ). A skilled PT can work with you to address your situation and set you on the road to recovery.

Recent Blog Posts

Our educational blogs draw on the expertise and experience of our therapists, bringing you the information you need to pursue an active, healthy, and pain-free life.
Osteoporosis is caused by a decrease in bone density, which makes bones more fragile and susceptible to breaking. A diagnosis can be intimidating, but understanding the risk factors, causes, symptoms and how to manage the condition can help you maintain an active life doing all the things you love.
Bones are excellent adaptors and grow stronger when they are loaded, or given a stimulus that makes them do their job to hold your skeleton up. Consistent strength training or weight bearing exercise can increase bone density and help prevent or manage osteoporosis.
There are many potential sources of injury to the knee, including cartilage, ligaments, muscles and tendons, as well as joint wear and tear (osteoarthritis). Sometimes, however, pain is felt in the knee even though there is no injury present. This is called patellofemoral syndrome.

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