Golf Fitness & Performance Program

Golf Fitness & Performance Program

Golf Fitness & Performance Program

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Our golf performance program is designed to improve the golfer’s body to ultimately improve their golf swing. Appropriate for golfers of all skill levels, our goal is to help improve swing efficiency and overall physical performance.

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Program Features

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Functional Screen involves a detailed analysis of the client’s mobility (flexibility) and stability (strength and balance) as they relate to the movements needed to complete a biomechanically sound golf swing.

Our Golf Fitness and Performance Program is designed to:

Technology We Use

K-Vest and K-Trainer

Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy at the Athletic Club of Bend is excited to announce that we now have a wireless 3D movement analysis system which we can use for a variety of instances in and out of the clinic. Chris Cooper PT, DPT, CSCS was recently certified in using the system with golfers to measure the kinematic sequence of the golf swing, as well as with golfers and non-golfers alike to help exercise effectively with real-time visual and auditory biofeedback. The system can be used supervised and eventually unsupervised to get the very most out of a therapeutic exercise session.

With K-TRAINER (a 2-sensor visual and auditory biofeedback system), golf, fitness, and medical professionals can quickly and easily re-educate motor patterns to improve performance. Customizable exercises, real-time biofeedback, and automated rep counters guide each client through a personalized training program that make K-TRAINER the preeminent system for movement re-education. This system dramatically improves trainer/client communication and ensures quality of motion while promoting total body awareness.

K-TRAINER’s comprehensive set of features incorporates every aspect of training, from functional assessments to stability and mobility fitness exercises, including sports-specific training programs. This system is ideal for any professional or athlete looking to be on the cutting edge of performance. K-VEST’s cutting-edge technology enables professionals to stay at the forefront of the very competitive golf performance industry.

The system’s user-friendly capture, analysis, and training software precisely measures swing efficiency and movement patterns. The real-time visual and auditory feedback helps clients monitor and track their progress over time.

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K-Vest Features

Packages & Rates

TPI Physical Assessment

Physical assessment of golf-specific flexibility, strength, balance, power, and upper/lower body separation coordination (based on Titleist Performance Institute’s physical assessment performed on and developed from PGA and LPGA players) to establish your “Golf-Fitness Handicap.”

TPI Power and Strength Assessment

Power testing for core, upper body and lower body as well as functional ground up rotational power. Physical assessment of upper body push and pull, lower body split squat as well as hand grip strength. The generation of power throughout the body can help determine distance of the tee. Power is force times speed so if there is a decrease in power further testing will determine whether it is a strength or speed problem.

K-Vest Swing Efficiency and Body Speed Assessment

Kinematic Swing Sequence (sequence of lower body, upper body, and club in downswing transition), Swing Timing, Rotational Velocities/Speed, and X-Factor Measurements (separation difference of lower body from upper body at top of backswing).

Custom Web-Based TPI Exercise Program

Exercise sessions delivered through TPI App customized based on your TPI Physical Assessment Results, TPI Power and Strength Assessment, and/or K-Vest Swing Efficiency and Body Speed Assessment.

K-Vest 3D Biofeedback Exercise Sessions

K-Vest aided 3D exercise using visual and auditory feedback to work on stability and mobility deficits.

1 Visit Package + Add-ons

$ 249
  • Base package includes TPI physical assessment, custom TPI app-based exercise program, and communication of findings with client's swing coach.
  • TPI Power and Strength Assessment

    $299 total (additional $50)
  • TPI Power and Strength Assessment, K-Vest Swing Efficiency and Body Speed Assessment

    $349 total (additional $100)

2 Visit Package + Add-ons

$ 449
  • Base package includes TPI physical assessment and reassessment, custom TPI app-based exercise program, and communication of findings with client's swing coach.
  • TPI Power and Strength Assessment

    $499 (additional $50)
  • TPI Power and Strength Assessment, K-Vest Swing Efficiency and Body Speed Assessment

    $649 total (additional $200)

6 Visit Package

$ 1299
  • TPI physical assessment
  • K-Vest swing efficiency assessment
  • Custom TPI app-based exercise program
  • 2 K-Vest 3D biofeedback exercise sessions
  • K-Vest swing efficiency reassessment on 6th visit
  • 1 manual therapy session

Other Package Offerings:

$349 – 2 Visits

  • K-Vest assessment of power leaks from Core, Shoulder, Hands
  • Power and Strength tests for upper and lower extremities as well as trunk/core
  • K-Vest assessment of Kinematic Sequence and efficiency
  • Power and strength re-assessment after client completion of home exercises
  • Information shared with client’s swing coach

$909 – 2 visits (includes Counterweight, Overspeed Clubs and radar)

$809 – 2 visits (includes Overspeed Clubs and radar)

$679 – 2 visits (includes Counterweight Club and radar)

$579 – 2 visits (includes radar only – client already own Overspeed and/or Counterweight Clubs)

$349 – 2 visits (client already owns Overspeed and/or Counterweight clubs AND radar)

  • Includes SuperSpeed Overspeed Training Clubs and PRGR Portable Launch Monitor ($229.99 retail + shipping) and/or SuperSpeed “C” Counterweight Club ($99.99 retail + shipping)
  • Initial swing speed assessment
  • Instruction in SuperSpeed’s Level 1 Training protocol and Dynamic Warm-Up exercises
  • Reassessment of swing speed after 6 weeks of training
  • Instruction in SuperSpeed’s Level 2 Training protocol

$299 – 2 Visits

  • K-Vest assessment of static and dynamic upper to lower body separation
  • Instruction in specific home exercises to improve coordination, mobility and/or stability to create more separation
  • Re-assessment of separation after client completion of home exercises
  • Information shared with client’s swing coach

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